Beat Saber PS4 VR

I am just apx. 50 pts. shy of making it to the top 10 spot on Beat Saber.  It's funny that when I first started playing it about a couple week ago, even on normal speed it seemed fast, now I am slashing the shit out of the cubes on HIGH speed and in Hard... Continue Reading →

Fall Heat

I did this one a few months ago in anticipation of Fall.  Here where I live, the weather doesn't cool down until late November so it reminds me of a hot summer day back where I grew up but with the colors of fall.  

What’s Up, 4 Non Blonds

So that IS me doing a cover of one of my favorite songs. It was one of the first songs that really made me think about my place as a female, in the world. It came out 20 years ago and it just happened that I felt like singing it that day which also turned... Continue Reading →

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