Petrified Wood Opal

This is a beauty!  My husband was out in Wyoming for a job and went to the Blue Forest in Big Sandy.  He brought home several pieces that I have yet to work on but I am simply in awe of this one! It is more than I was hoping for.  I haven't yet uploaded... Continue Reading →

Meet Cheddar

This is my dog Cheddar.  She came to me on July 4th, 2019 in the MOST unusual but not unheard of way.  She came running down my street scared to death from all the fireworks and looked like she had been neglected for some time. She's not very old, maybe just over one year old... Continue Reading →

Breaks Over

I had to duck out a few months back to preserve my sanity. Since then a number of new windows opened an have found myself renewed and ready to start again. Before I left (I think I blogged about it) I was getting really depressed and needed to take time away and rediscover who I... Continue Reading →

Global Environmental Warriors

I have been spending a lot of time working on things that actually matter to me. Over the last 8 months a lot has changed. I know find myself working with a few solid people who are creating their own #smallsteps movement to do our part in sav..preserving the Earth and our environments. As hard... Continue Reading →

Pagans Shop

Pagans ShopI don't know where to start with advertising to sell things since that's the one area where I have never felt comfortable in. Still, I have been working on gemstone crafting and I really love it. Up until I started carving stones, I didn't feel much of anything. They were pretty and I liked... Continue Reading →

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