One Upon a Time

In a land not unlike your own lived a girl… I mean woman who set out to create the greatest story ever told.  Unfortunately she didn’t have much of an imagination so she searched her treasure trove of elusive memories in hope that one day she could bring to life the story of a girl who, no matter how hard she tried kept writing the same fucking story over and over and over again.

It all began one day stretching waaaay back into the 19th century (like 1978) where black and white televisions were still being used and telephones came with cords that were attached to a wall and people left their homes to socialize in public squares where they smoked dope (marijuana and stuff), protested, had sex in public and people wrote their own music and used musical instruments made materials like wood, brass and animal hide.

The year was 1978.  I think you probably already knew that but for story’s sake, we just go along with it.  So, the year was 1978 and that is all I remember.  I  don’t remember getting slapped on the ass on the way out of the vaginal hole but my guess is that I probably wasn’t slapped, more like shaken and then handed off to a stranger wearing a black suit, carrying a pen with a red light where I was then taken to a holding facility where my entire life would be tracked by a futuristic looking thingy-do that was implanted behind my left eye.

NO, it does not sound Men in Black, that would be a total rip off.  The man wearing a black suit was just a coincidence.  Lots of people wore black suites back then because I  think they were in.  As for the red light thingy-do, I don’t know.  They used it on everyone so it’s my word against theirs.

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