Lavender Hummingbird Nectar

I had some lavender leftover and decided to give the hummingbirds a little sum’n extra. My husband and I went out shopping today because a new store opened in town so we checked it out. - old post from another site.  This was in late February before the quarantine. We picked up a new hummingbird... Continue Reading →


Maidenhair Tree Grandfather Tree Grandchild Tree I-cho ( in Japanese meaning trees like duck’s feet) Pic source The Ginko is classified as a Gymnosperm and is speculated to have evolved from seed fern of the Peltaspermales.  It is also a Conifer and Deciduous except that it doesn’t produce “cones” but rather the fruit grows in bundles... Continue Reading →

California Wild Flowers

It’s wild flower season up here and about the only time of the year where I live in the Central Valley where everything is green and beautiful with blankets of white, purple and orange wild flowers growing in the rolling hills that California is know for. Blue Dicks, Wild Hyacinth Although unlike the Hyacinth that... Continue Reading →

Alone With My Thoughts

I was just sitting outside for a moment alone.  It was different to notice how quiet it is.  Everything looks normal as far as things looking the same in the neighborhood except it is a lot quieter. There have been so many times I wondered what it would sound like to have it not be... Continue Reading →

My Serious Quirk

I have been thinking a lot about a friend I used to have.  I miss her a LOT!  But I have this thing about me and I am never really sure why I do it but sometimes when I feel really comfortable with someone and feel like we are definitely friends, I start to open... Continue Reading →

My Online Store So Far

I was doing some reading on Etsy in their Sellers Handbook about marketing and advertising for my online shop.  I have been working on building my business now for about 8 months and I think I have done quite well for what it's worth. I have made 49 sales so far and I think that... Continue Reading →

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