Life Update

I took a while off from Karate... technically I think it's Kung Fu because it's Chinese martial arts but they call it Karate so I say Karate and recently went back because I missed it and I felt like it was finally time. Some things never change but a lot has changed. Whatever the ups... Continue Reading →

It Wants To Be Written

Out on my walk earlier I started to think about how trivial life is. I thought to myself, "I feel like my life is a pattern of fulfilling empty purposes". And it really does feel that way. I can't think of any reason that we exist to begin with. So what IF life was just... Continue Reading →

I Quit Music

I went through a little burst of musical creativity a couple weeks ago. Like usual, I thought I did something great but no one cared. This is how it seems to go so I quit music for good. For SOME stupid reason I always wanted to be a song writer and secretly a spy but... Continue Reading →

The Cosmos

My body IS my astral body.My body lives on EarthEarth lives in the Cosmos I live in the CosmosIt’s closer to me than the EarthThe cosmos is in me My mind descends into the astral planeI live inside my bodyMy body is my shelter I am a blue flame that never burnsMy light made manifest... Continue Reading →

Walk It's hard to get people to listen to your music BUT whatever right? I just like to write because I never know what I am going to do next. What's upsetting is that I cannot even get my friends or family to listen. It makes me wonder if I am one of those people... Continue Reading →

Oculus Quest is Awesome!

I got my Oculus last night. My husband got it for me. I have wanted it for a while now so it finally happened and it really is just amazing. WAAAAAAAYYYYYY better than PSVR but it is a lot more expensive. I think my husband paid close to 600.00 for it and then I spend... Continue Reading →

And I Hate

IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE. To kill someone so you don't get in trouble or be killed because you didn't. I didn't make the rules, I am only the product their authority.

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