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Sandra Rinck This one was the result of trying out acrylic pouring. I actually used an old canvas that I had already painted on and hated so I covered it up. The purple isn't actually purple though, that's just the color the grey and whites where picking up from the aquarium.

Outsider Artist

I came across a new term today that I didn't know existed. I ponder sometimes if I really am an artist. I have been called that because I like to make art of all kinds but never really thought of myself as an artist until I started showing people my work and they started calling... Continue Reading →

Winter Solstice 2020

This is my personal tribute to the Winter Solstice line up of Saturn and Jupiter this year. I painted this one using heavy body acrylics, oil paint and oil pastels.

The Cosmos

My body IS my astral body.My body lives on EarthEarth lives in the Cosmos I live in the CosmosIt’s closer to me than the EarthThe cosmos is in me My mind descends into the astral planeI live inside my bodyMy body is my shelter I am a blue flame that never burnsMy light made manifest... Continue Reading →


Because she grew tired of fake things looking real. ~Sandra UnfakeBy Sandra Rinck5-24-20

My Monster

I think I liked the second one best. Too bad for me I already painted over it with the last one. lol I am not really done yet.

Note to Self

Don't wear tube socks and shorts without sunscreen.   Nothing is as it seems.  Habits take practice.  You are more than you think you are. 

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