America lasted 240 years.

I know that some of my family and friends wonder why I am so passionate about world politics and the truth is that it IS because what happens in government effects our lives in more ways than financially.

What happened to the World Trade Centers on 9-11-2001 was forever burned into my heart and mind. I was pulled out of the shower by my roommate who said I needed to see what was happening. He was still in the military, I had been out not too long when that happened. To see real time (basically real time in those days), people jumping and falling to their deaths from the tops of those buildings, the carnage that it created, to know that people were burned alive, that over 3000 lives were just lost within minutes, the hurt, the aguish and the fallout… to know this has been happening in other countries as well, and for what America has been helping fight against in other countries, to happen here… what do they not understand? What is it about democracy that so many cannot comprehend?

Terrorism is an act of terrifying and harming and making life scary for people for political or religious purposes and will go to extreme measures to justify their means to an end with little regard for all the lives it destroys. In world history, these acts have been in genocide – the intent to extinguish certain races from the planet like in Nazi Germany or the Congo and recently in China, to acts of complete and total hostility by taking over governments by force leaving a bloody mess in its wake, destroying entire cities that once had been meccas or prosperous cities full of love and life that have been reduced to rubble. They are governments that have intentionally withheld food from their citizens and people who have used biological weapons on innocent women and children such as what happened with Syria by Alasad (sp?).

After 9-11 I couldn’t help but fear that more terrorism would happen in America, that America would become like Iraq or Iran or Syria or Lebanon or Pakistan or Israel or Turkey or Crimea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, Tehran, Philippines, Africa, Egypt… and that’s not even all of them because it includes several regions of the Stans, South East Asia and China.

To have it now in America by American citizens by the will of the president! It has not been hard to spot over the last 6 years, watching the words they use, the games they play, to see how distinctly it plays out the same way I have been watching it play out in other countries and to have to realize that my worst fear is knocking on the door trying to gain entry by force, by acts of terrorism. My friends and family have tried to tell me “it can’t happen in America” and I would say that America is a baby, only about 250 years old and it can happen.

To know that some of my family and friends have been on that side and after what happened still remain on the side of terrorism and tyranny is very upsetting because it’s the same thing that happens in other countries that are torn to pieces on accounts of sympathy for what is in no way a respectable way to accomplish peace. For them to believe that their anger for the government means that they should endanger innocent people, destroy democracies, force their beliefs on everyone who disagrees and to do so with self righteous vigor that denies the life, liberty and happiness to so many factions of the world. It’s selfish and terrorist and terrorist sympathizer are that way. They are inherently selfish.

Somehow they believe that the governments serve anyone but them when in fact, in America they have been the ones who have gotten all the best things but are somehow angry because we want to extend those rights and privileges to everyone so that everyone has a fair chance and can pursue their dreams as well. They are angry that most of us wish to co-exist, that we can happily accept that others hold different beliefs (religious or otherwise) to be of ‘sacred’ value to themselves as much as I hold my own to myself and it should NEVER be my right to deny anyone those privileges, the right to feel safe when walking down the street, the right to peacefully protest things they don’t like, the right of just being able to say what we think without fear of being harmed for having them….

And that last note is where things become confounded. The idea of some who also believe these things but somehow because they believe say… that their race or their political party or their superiority or their worth or their religion or their god or their values to include the annihilation of others… that’s when we have a problem and that mentality cannot stand because where theirs denies others of their own beliefs and values is not freedom, that is 100% oppression and it is wrong and it is un-American and it is a crime against humanity because there are just some things in life that we really do have as our own forever and as long as we live. That thing is ourselves.

My life is mine. My body is mine. My beliefs are mine… no one can take that away unless it is through death and I believe that is the way they see it too so they opt to take your life because they cannot take your mind, they know that no matter how much force they apply, how much torture they bring, how many cities they bomb and reduce to rubble, how many families they split up, no matter how poor we become, they can never force us to love what they love because that is in our nature and it’s in our very being to choose peace and love over oppression and hatred.

So here we are, my worst fears coming to fruition and I feel like I am pleading with people to see what is happening and just stop. TO believe that it is so much easier and better to love and accept our differences than it is to apply force and destroy, fight. To love our differences is beautiful but I cannot and will not love or accept that it is okay to destroy others in their plight to force others to see it their way. I am a peaceful human. I prefer love over hate. I value people’s beliefs as their own and I acknowledge that they are intrinsic to their soul and well bing and time on Earth but I am also not Jesus. I do not believe that I should lay down my life just because someone else decides they want to take it. I do not believe that I should turn the other cheek when someone puts a gun to my head and tells me that I need to believe in their god or else. I am not exactly and eye for an eye either but still there is a limit to how tolerant I am.

When one belief denies another another of their own, that’s where the line is drawn. When your rights become the oppression of another…. And yet, to say so, they will still feel like THEIR rights are being infringed upon and that THEY are the ones being wronged somehow so we are at an impasse. This impasse is that we are forced to choose. To allow them to continue means that many will suffer at their hands because we would inevitably have to rob them of the very thing they are trying to rob us of: life, liberty and Happiness. They will say that they did nothing wrong, that we are being unfair to them, that their rights are being violated…

They would rather us take to the streets in a full on civil war where we have to fight them because they believe in it. No thanks. I have seen enough of what happens to countries that don’t get it under control and I fear that if our government cannot get this under control to protect us from American Terrorist (so many of them too) when they will come to our doors.

To do nothing about trump who is a clear and present danger, who is leading the charge against American people, who has repeatedly encouraged violence and disruptions against anyone who is not with him, is to say that Tyranny is allow to stand in America. It’s to say that the president is immune to anything he or she might do in the future. It is to give the okay to allow the president to attack its own people, to enable a dictatorship, to allow rights to be usurped by people who are NOT officials, to be harassed, abused, harmed and killed by people who give oath and loyalty to a person not a country and to allow them to terrorize the rest of us until they achieve their desired outcome… that just cannot stand.

I have been outraged and disgusted by the lack of government integrity to do the right fucking thing. TO KNOW without a fucking doubt that these terrorist and president have intended to cause us harm and to let it happen. WHY? Why are they suck fucking pussies? The entire pack of traitors in the government who have gone along with this coup attempt should all be prosecuted to fullest extent and then some.

The carelessness, their greed, their desire for power, the cowardice, their reluctance to do the right thing…. all shameful, all hurtful all of which are treasonous, all of them are traitors to the states and governments and none of them deserve a place in office. The ones that were part of the actual infiltration of the Capital, the ones who told them to do it, the ones who still parrot the lies about the election… for fucks sake, even Mitch McConnell understood that it was going too far and probably back tracked at the last minute while congress was in session BECAUSE he knew full well what was going to happen and maybe it was a surprise to him, IDK but even he knows better than this. They all do, they all do. They all know it cannot be allowed to continue and yet even today, two days later, nothing has happened. trump is still in office and America has died.

That’s right. American democracy is dead. If everything they say comes true, I have no reason to believe that the history books won’t read “America was in power for 240 years.” And trump and his army of terrorist will be the reason America died. RIP America. For the new regime to take over and say America is alive and well will be a fallacy. Without choices, rights, freedom, liberty, safety, democracy… America is just another dictator in the bucket who will fight their way by force into world domination through hostile means which is a shame because we already were the world power because we cared enough to back all the countries that also wanted democracy and freedom. The question is, as I am sure this question is with many others who don’t want to ask, will other countries come to our defense? Will our legitimate military serve to actually protect us from them? What, if any, can be done to ensure our safety?

I mean, they showed up at voting poles with weapons, they showed up at the counting stations with weapons. They showed up at the Capital with weapons. What now? Seriously, what now? Do I have to fear for the safety of myself and family even more than I already do just bringing my kids to school knowing that there are terrorist right outside the doors of their schools?

And yes, if I see a trump flag or Nunes sign in front on people’s lawns or cars, they are terrorist or terrorist sympathizers because that IS what trump represents. I wouldn’t be half surprised but still shocked if we get nuked by Iran because of him and what he did. When does it end? Why must it be so difficult to just have peace and live our lives without more fear. It’s all they ever do. It’s exhausting. I am so sick of it. I am sick of the ignorance. I am sick of money making enemies. I am angry at the idea that the biggest corporations or people with the most money who can change this do nothing because profits are better and they simply do not care.

I want the simplest things in life but I won’t get those EVER! I want to see all the stars at night without light interference. I will NEVER have that. I want to hear the sound of silence. I will NEVER have that. I want to sleep with the window open. That can NEVER happen. I want to walk around at night and not worry about someone hating me or wanting to kill me for any reason at all. I want to breathe clean air. I want to be able to walk or ride a bike wherever I want without feeling like I will get hit by a car because the world keeps accommodating things that take away all the things that I personally love and value the most but you won’t see me terrorizing others because it. Yeah, the world is unfair but this… this is. Seriously, unless they do something I have officially lost all faith because what else is there?

Should I feel happy about the possibility of my kids growing up in an ever worse place? They have already been robbed of the simple things in life, don’t rob them of what little hope they get left of the future.

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