Welcome 2021

Today is the 4th. I woke up this morning thinking the kids had to go back to school today but they don’t. Corona is still with us. trump is still trying to destroy a legitimate election. Anti-mask protesters took it upon themselves to go to a shopping mall in Los Angeles to harass and bully peaceful mask wearing shoppers for no reason other than to make it known that they will not wear a mask because they are better than everyone else.

Sigh… I truly have not had any great hopes for 2021 other than a small glimmer of hope from the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who are HANDS DOWN going to do a better job than trump ever could YET, there is still so much civil discord that it will likely be a repeat of Obama when those who opposed him did everything they possibly could to make his job impossible.

It’s just super disappointing to know as well that the vaccines are not coming as they should and for some reason they are being held up and I can reasonably insist that there is a reasons called trump for that because all he does and his army do are threaten and try to harm anyone who doesn’t see things his way so that is where we are.

I also just read this morning that some bill passed demanding that corporations make stock holders profits their primary reason for existing. When it comes to environmental and social concerns, it was ruled that profits come before the environment and they simply do not care about the health of the population. The only way around that is for more environmentally conscious and socially just people purchase the greater shares of stocks but as it turns out, those who care most about the Earth and Life in general, also aren’t the greatest wealth holders so unless so our lives are being evaluated by those who have the most liquidity. OR the government can buy up all the green energy stocks and become the biggest share holders and then determine our future like they have been doing for big oil and the likes, then we can just start liking our assholes for nutritional value.

Sorry to be so glib this morning just a few days into the new year but it breaks my heart, it always has, to know that we don’t mean anything. Our lives don’t mean anything. We can value each other as we should but our prosperity and health is dependent upon people who don’t care about us or the planet. If there are some that do, then I wonder why they aren’t using their unimaginable wealth to change the tides so that people like us can have at least the basic necessity of what it takes to just live.

To them, any amount of help is unacceptable because we are just roaches, why would they feed the roaches? They think of us as pest, something they want to get rid of but aren’t allowed to exterminate. Yeah, that’s a really fucked up thing for me to say but that is what it feels like most of the time. Just being some sort of fly or pest that they can’t stand but are forced to live with.

Of course I do hope that in the coming days that things will start to improve. That there will be good news, that people will see straight, start caring about each other… I just doubt it. I do. Let me rephrase that. The rich and in charge will start to care about us. Unless you have money, they don’t listen to you.

It’s true. I am mad but more upset and discouraged from thinking that things can get better. Should I hold out hope? I don’t know. I feel like if I go outside and say “knock it the fuck off and grow up” the someone will just shoot me. I feel like in my near future that I will meet with death NOT because I want to but because someone will decide for me that my life is not worth the air it breaths. And it’s true, there is about 70 million people just in America who could actually care less and then throw some laughing emojis at you on your death bed and tell you that you are pathetic.

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