Mother Nature and Heavenly God

Can a belief in Mother Nature (Gaia, Terra Matter etc.) be compatible with a belief in the Catholic Jesus? In my mind, the two make up different parts of life but ultimately draw upon the same Universal spirit… that spiritual sense that brings you to feel the essence of love or whatever it is that makes a person feel closer to “god”.

When it comes to Mother Nature, I call her the Mother God because she is that Natural world, the issuer the mother of all life, the womb, the great Nurturing essence of all that can be understood about life and death in this reality, this realm, this existence. I think of her as ultimately the god of all things on Earth and of what can be known. Outside of this space, getting into the realms of the heavens into things that are outside of my comprehension like what infinity is. No one knows exactly what that is because it’s an ever expanding idea so it’s not a knowable thing, it’s an essence of what we cannot possibly understand, that’s what I think of when I think of the God. That which is outside our knowable existence that is there but can never really be understood.

I do like to think about what ultimately happens after all life on Earth is gone because at some point, it will be gone and Mother God will no longer exist as our Mother but will exist in the reaches of the God. When it comes to God, I don’t believe it has a face or makes rules that we have to live by otherwise we go to Hell. In fact, I think that what is prohibited is naturally prohibited and cannot exist for us to exploit or even lead to temptation, as they say because to be forbidden means that it can NEVER happen so whatever we CAN make happen is not off limits although not all things that can be done should be done. I think that give us the power of choice, the power to create our own destinies and allows us the free will to toil in the art of creation while making sure that those things that we are not allowed to ever fuck with, will never happen because god isn’t stupid…. okay I think it’s just what it is.

I think it neither loves or feels but is like this code for which only physicist or mathematicians or coding engineers come close to understanding yet we pick of the sense of it’s greatness by the sheer expression of what can be gleaned. To know so little but still be so impressed and in debt to that, that it is hard to not respect and love that aspect.

I feel like my thoughts are just too different from others to be as open as I wish I could otherwise be. I don’t know if my friends on either end could really understand where I am coming from. I know that in most religions, my ideas and feelings about god and the goddess are incompatible and they only want adherence and praise to be right over things I know damn well they came up with themselves.

PERHAPS, they were divinely inspired in the same way I become divinely inspired by where inspiration leads when thinking about the Heavens or the “what ifs” but however it works out, when I think of these things in my way, I do feel what others refer to as the “Holy Spirit”. I don’t know that we are thinking of the same things since I don’t really truly believe that Jesus is god and never have but I can wrap my mind around the inspiration which would make me think that this Jesus person was just as human as I am. That he was probably more like someone elevated just because when he spoke people just understood in their time, what he was saying. He was a man of the people.

The same things exist today although most aren’t in the world of spirituality. Take trump for instance. His adherents believe he was divinely appointed and because these people could understand him and he was tapping into a certain fear or anger that they have, he was then elevated to his position not so much by divine intervention but because he is a man of the people who understand him.

Barack Obama also tapped into that and he was appointed by the will of the people not divine intervention because he is/was relatable and could possibly change things for the better.

Pope Francis, on the other hand could be said to be from divine intervention. NOT because the people put him there but because through the church and however they vet people, he was then chosen and I find him inspiring, he’s like a mirror of my soul so I understand him and he’s deeper than most Popes, not that I am too familiar with any popes to begin with but it’s like I hear a little more when he speaks. He inspires me to be a better person and makes me want to go back to the church.

The problem with the church is that I still cannot see eye to eye with them on women’s right and abortion or that women are still regarded as lesser humans, less divine than a man. In my view of the Mother God, all can be forgiven except for that which destroyers her altogether because to do so it to destroy life for all of us and we need each other. If we weren’t part of what could ultimately be, we just wouldn’t be. We would not have evolved but we did because she gives us everything and never ask for anything in return although we do feel her wrath because as a mother, there is a balance to all things, the Tao and to take too much or not give enough means that bad things just happen because that is the way that it is.

I also don’t believe that she has a face although I do have little figures of a Mother Nature like figures just to remind me that life is something to be nurtured and loved. Unfortunately the world doesn’t seem to see things this way. To so many, the planet is a thing to be plundered and they believe that because she gives so feely, that she will continue to do so without repercussions and we know that is not true because all resources are finite but they see $$ and nothing else. They take life for granted and never stop to just give gratitude for all that we do have.

I suppose it is because life has changed so much and people just aren’t out or dependent on their own hands tilling the soil to survive that has pushed so many far, far away from her. For those that still till the soil in agriculture, their bottom line is about money and they use machines to dig so they are also distant from the Earth even when they are that close. Perhaps it’s the idea that karma to many means, good brings good, and to know that even bad karma bring good rewards, that it throws the entire idea out the window.

Perhaps the world looks so depressing and bad that when god doesn’t come, they abandon ship because they based their ideas on something that doesn’t exist instead of what it is. They get upset with Nature and even hate her but don’t understand their own (our own) choices determine outcome.

There are sooooo many ways that I see the Mother Nature and that of the Heavenly God as completely compatible. Both of them serve to nurture the spirit and for me, if one is missing then I am off balance and it’s upsetting because I can’t really share that with people without being subject to things I don’t believe or being said to be complacent on horrible things that happen due to how others believe in their way. EVERY institution is made up of good and bad. Some shit is so deplorable but I do NOT believe that my ancestors “sins” are my own. What I do believe is that we can make amends for their faults, in other words. We can be responsible for their mistakes by making sure we don’t repeat them but what we cannot do is erase them.

I DO wish that religion wasn’t akin to spirituality. I wish that GOD was not given a face or said to be some sort of authority figure (as in actual being) who resides over us and determines our worth. I believe that our worth is chosen or valued by those around us, other human beings and that’s what makes me so sad. It’s to know that a tangible value has been placed on our lives. At any rate. I had a moment last night while thinking about what I really want to do with my old life and it brought me back to when I was a kid.

When I was a kid, I remember that I tried to join Green Peace. I mean I wanted to but I read their pamphlet back in like 1997-8 and there were requirements that I couldn’t afford so this idea that I could help people and travel to places helping out and living and seeing life for what it is and can be… wasn’t going to happen. I joined the Navy instead but that was nothing like I expected.

Anyway. When I thought of it, I knew that THAT really is what I want to do with my life because NOTHING else fits. Nothing else seems to absolve my soul of idea that I did nothing to help life be better. I know that people will tell me that I do enough as it is but its just not enough for me. So one day when my kids are okay to be on their own that is why I am going to do. I don’t know how I am going to do it but it is what I want.

I asked my husband how he felt about it. He asked how long I would be gone. I said “how long have you been gone and I am still here?” We will see though. It might not work out that way but it IS what is in my heart to do.

To me, I need both the Mother and the “Heavenly Father” and until the church can reconcile this, I just cannot pick one over the other. I never could.

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