Virus Conspiracy?

Regardless of how many people have died or become very ill with COVID-19, there are still a resounding number of people, mostly young, macho or don’t give a fukers out there who don’t believe it’s a real thing.

For the most part, people only see what is on the surface, “do I know anyone who has gotten sick?”, “I got sick but have had worse colds”… The list goes on and on for all the ways a person can justify something because so long as it fits their personal narrative and what they see in their small circle, then that is what they want to believe.

I am not immune to this logic myself but to believe it as a conspiracy is fascinating. I actually do know people who believe that the Chinese made it and released it into China as biological warfare and that trump is their unsung hero who stopped the spread into the United States and blame the democrats from one man bringing it back from China into Washington about a month AFTER trump already knew and downplayed the virus as just another flu while also blocking incoming traffic from China direct and completely negating that the virus was being spread though all of Asia which is on the European continent and just a hop, skip and a jump away from other countries who were still allowed to fly into America.

While the world was bracing for what has become 240k deaths worldwide as of November 11, 2020, people still continue to say that it is not worse than the seasonal flu citing death counts from February or January when the death toll was still low. After the data is in, in 2019 the total number of season flu deaths is 22k (source CDC) so in less than a year COVID-19 has killed 220,000 MORE people than the seasonal flu but regardless of the facts people still refuse to believe it because it hasn’t yet happened to them and if it has come around them, they don’t give a fuck or think it’s nothing and continue on their way puffed up and macho because in their minds, they are invincible. They continue to believe that the report on cases over the average rate of deaths are all false reporting but don’t think about how many deaths over the average have occurred since January. The number is extraordinary high and it has been no secret that most of the deaths have happened to people with underlying conditions but is NOT isolated to them. So either heart disease, stroke, diabetes and car accidents have decided that this year was the year to up and kill them OR the virus is as it’s been reported and is lethal to people who are at high risk already. As an example. A person dies from heart disease but also has covid, it gets reported as a casualty of covid-19 because it is the catalyst that acts upon the weakness of those people. It’s like giving high doses of sugar to a person who is diabetic. Did they die because they have diabetes or because they ate too much sugar?

The current administration still blames China for the disease even though trump got a 25 million dollar deposit from China right after his inauguration. There are “scientists” out there who say it is not possible for the virus to have been manufactured and others who say it can and was and that China did it to hurt America. SO easy to point fingers BUT what if it there were some truth to this?

Instead of China being the evil mastermind behind the virus, it was trump and their regime of lawless vile retched people who created it, released it into China, came back, let it run amok, within in 2 weeks they know where it came from; pig, bat, lab… whatever, and so it goes that it makes it’s way through Europe.

I hear of this news sometime in December and don’t think much of it. I still read the news from many different sources and so I was already aware BUT because it was being downplayed and not yet called a pandemic, it was a passing thought much like SARS. By March 13 the entire economy came to a holt, the market tanked, oil carriers off the coast of California were being dumbed because there was a surplus from transportation being low and the president of the United States says, “it’s just a cold”, blames the democrats whom aren’t in control of the White House for this debacle, doesn’t bother to even send condolences to people who have died or their families, blames Joe Biden our new president elect for not issuing a mask mandate trying to blame these deaths on his failure as not the president at the time while he himself spreads the disease because he and most of his cabinet are also infected and holding rallies praising no masks and their toughness.

Within a couple month, the deaths go from almost 200k to 240k deaths and he goes golfing, tries to sue anything and everything because he lost the election and in his eyes, anything that is against him is a lie and fraud and cheat even though he himself is the biggest lier, cheater and fraud the world has ever known, his supporters say “yeah”.

He puts people who believe in conspiracy theories like QANON, in his offices, just today he replaced the heads of the Pentagon, filled the justice department with extremist judges and then requested that Michigan (I think it was) do a recount by hand. What he is looking for is time. My thoughts are that he is buying time to destroy the evidence of his corruption because he will be tried when he is gone if he doesn’t flee the states to Russia before then and frankly, if he did, I would still be happy to see him go no matter how he goes.

So there is all this shit stacked against him which will lead to his inevitable downfall and there is nothing he can do expect go out in a firestorm like a little whinny baby who didn’t get what he wanted because the world just hands him things and in his mind that is how it should be.

As for the republicans who suck his dick. I personally find them worse. They are cowards. I am all about loyalty when loyalty is due but I could never be loyal to someone who treated humanity like garbage and suck his dick in the Oval Office for table scraps. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have bondage parties there too. Just saying. They are all really gross.

And then there’s these people that I am surrounded by who don’t know any better. They continue to support the Tyrant and use patriotic verbiage AS IF that makes them patriots when I am almost 100% positive NONE of them have read the Federalist Papers that they claim to be so fond of. You KNOW they haven’t been reading their Bibles that they claim to love so much and they are in every way American terrorist.

They love the idea of a free America as long as it is free under their rule so they support repressive government that looks like freedom to them because they would get to yield power. This is a very interesting design.

I started writing about the transition into a dictatorship a few years ago and how it happens and I have a really good idea of how these things come to be and primarily it happens through propaganda. The act of lying and misinformation that allows for this little discrepancy of doubt that says “but what if it were true?” The small window of doubt sown into the psyches of people who don’t know any better…

And that is not to be mean but look at who supports him the most. They are uneducated mostly white people and some hispanic people in regions where education is NOT a top priority, where oil IS their major export and where the majority of the population is underpaid and overtaxed when you take per capita into account which means this.

They don’t make a lot of money and have people telling them the government is coming to take more of it and want to cull them from society because the “elitist liberals” have no place for them. These are places that depend on oil to make up their export and depend on that for their jobs EVEN though many opportunities exist to transition into a green future and has every potential, if they would just see it for what it is, to become rich like the oil industry did before it became what it is today.

These are mostly strongly religious people who through their lying evangelical pastors who are telling them that trump is their savor and the end is here and fall in line with fear.

They are people who see what’s going on and live in fear so much so that they believe they must now form their own militias which is code for American terrorist organizations who are being given the green light by the tyrant dictator in president trump.

They believe that because they haven’t seen any reports of terrorist attacks in the news that trump just make them magically go away yet the reality is that they are the terrorist and they are being directed to not look in other places because if they did, they would see that the world is looking at them and all of the billions of innocent Americans who have nothing to do with them, with the same hatred and distain as they do for Muslims and their terrorist groups like ISIS or ISIL or Caliphate or whatever else there is. What’s exceptionally notable is that there has been an increase in terrorist attacks on American soil the difference is that it’s being done by our own citizens, the trump terrorist organizations just like they have done in other countries.

So there is this discrepancy between which lenses you see the world through. There is the racist element which in this case IS the belief that ONLY foreigners can be terrorist and they cover their faces with towels, in their words “towel heads” and they are the scary ones because they blow up buildings like the WTC or kill innocent people which American terrorist also do and which make up about 70% of all the attacks made here. This is not to say that other terrorist groups like Isis and Leftist terrorist don’t exist because they do, but it is to say that the majority is coming from the Bible Belt. There really is no nice way to put it.

These people walk around with riffles meant to kill large amounts of people. These are not guns meant to protect from single invaders or shoot food, these are weapons meant to inflict massive casualties. There was never any need for them to show up to voting stations nor the need for that sort of “force” or terrorist act to be present in the counting stations. All of which was open and even more tragic is that these truly dumb asses decided to lock out the legitimate counters of whom are people representing both parties and do what they do. Cause chaos until they get their way.

So we have a truly serious situation in the United States. We have the North Koreans whom trump bumps uglies with that paraded their new IBCM, Russian interference in the 2016 elections which DID indeed happen per every single investigation from the FBI and CIA and his very own cabinet members but most notably, Micheal Bolton who I think HATES Liberals and Democrats more than anyone else who says, yes IT DID HAPPEN and also warns of the shit that could very well do down.

All trump has to say is they are pussy hurt for being thrown under the bus and suddenly they believe him even though these people are putting themselves on the line for doing so. Meaning, I have no doubt that trump and his regime are making death threats to them because there is NO other way to explain how a party that prides themselves on the law are so lawless and seem to have lost their fucking minds, would do so and to them, I call them pussies.

So of all the conspiracy theories out there, which ones hold the most sustenance? That trump would go to these lows because that is the nature of him to do so in every single way OR that the democrats and China who gave him 25 million dollars just up and decided to create a deadly biological weapon to kill millions of people?

Whatever the truth may be there are some things that make it even more curious. That something like wearing a mask is enough to make those freedom lovers call foul play because they don’t believe the virus is real OR that they love to toot their own macho horns against the liberal pussies so they show up to the Kumbaya with automatic riffles because we are so dangerous. Remember now, to them liberals are gun hating pussies who need help carrying their groceries so it doesn’t exactly make a lot of sense that they would need to devote so much time to being big, bad and superiors unless deep down what they are really saying is they are afraid OR they hate America. I mean they do love to tell others, “if you don’t like America then leave”. Somehow they take offense when you tell them the same thing, “if you don’t like America then leave”, duh. But they of course believe they love America soooo much more than anyone else that they will erode the Constitution and elect a tyrant so they can make America their very own version of Heaven; God, Guns and Country is their motto. In this motto, country is last so don’t it’s pretty obvious that their loyalties aren’t to America and its founding documents but to what our founding fathers expressly wanted to avoid; the mergence of church and state.

Yet it’s illogical that they could be fearful of us pussies so what they fear is the problem they have created and they don’t know how to snap themselves out of it because to do so would be to admit they are wrong and they are the bad guys in this story. They are the ones people fear and they are the ones that other countries are looking at with the same eyes as they do for other terrorist groups like Isis. Not sure if Isis much appreciates that so that is a story yet to unfold.

Perhaps sooner than later they will see what it is that they are doing but in the mean time, it is really disappointing that that many people are being lied to and just cannot see it while also saying the same about people like me.

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