Life Update

I took a while off from Karate… technically I think it’s Kung Fu because it’s Chinese martial arts but they call it Karate so I say Karate and recently went back because I missed it and I felt like it was finally time. Some things never change but a lot has changed. Whatever the ups and downs of different personalities goes, it’s still something that I love and still plan on getting my black belt. I probably would have it by now along with my classmates from before I dropped to take care of myself.

I run a group on a social site that has almost 4k members. I never thought it would get more than maybe 1k and that was really the goal since in all my other accounts on anything, at most I end up with 60 followers tops because I am not a very interesting person I guess although I do wonder how it is a person can keep posting basically the same things everyday and have thousands of followers and why their lives seem exciting. Anyway. That’s one of those things I don’t really get but whatever.

So basically I have grown tired of it and don’t really want to keep running it but I have to until I can find a good replacement and to date there are no suitable replacements. It bores me to death now and all I do is spend my time with administrative duties and being the police which takes all the fun out of it not to mention the quality of people that come around at times. Not to be a tool but seriously, some people you just shake your head at and wonder what the fuck goes on in there lives. I bet people say that about me too so there’s that.

I am pretty sure I caught Covid 19 a while back but it passed without too much trouble other than diarrhea and the chills for a few days… maybe 7 days tops but I have had way worse. My husband’s cousins caught it as well and they were confirmed but also didn’t feel much. That’s not to downplay the severity for some people or the virus itself but is to say that I really do think I already had it.

There’s really not too much going on though. My kids are back at school online so I can’t really use my living room anymore, the internet provider keeps sending notices about us going over our allotted usage and I never really see my teenager anymore. I see her less so than when I was taking her to school. At least we had the time in the car and dinner and all that. Now that it’s online, I see here like never so I pop in and bug her every once in a while.

The fires, of course, are a real problem and sad of course. I do get so tired of life having to be this way because people refuse to admit that we as a species have a problem and as optimistic as I usually am, I really do think we have already passed the point of no return which makes me wonder if it’s even worth fighting for anymore. Obviously I will because why wouldn’t I but still, it’s not like it doesn’t cross my mind to say fuck it all. I do some days though. Some days I don’t care but then my conscious gets the better of me.

Here are a few pics from when we were just up at Shaver Lake. I heard through the grapevine that a lot of people have lost their homes up there and it won’t look the same when it safe to go back.

And I finally sent an apology to someone I have wanted to apologize to for a long time now. Of course I got not reply and that’s okay. I realize what I loser I must seem like but I wanted to say it and I finally did so whether or not she decides to be my friend again is up to her. I want to, I miss her but then again it’s also a person I only met on the Internet that I grew fond of and like all things social media, are they REALLY friends if you don’t personally know them? I am not even really friends with most of the people that I do know so there is that.

Anyways. I except that the upcoming election will be another debacle and people will die and fight and covid will mutate again or something and blah, blah, blah, social media will be a depot for political bashing and you’ll be bombarded with political lies through commercials via streaming, YouTube and traditional cable.

By the end of the year we will be no better off than we are right now so it doesn’t leave much to be desired unless there is a miracle but it’s looking more like crazy weather, more fights about climate change and a president who will refute anything and everything and lie just because it’s, IDK fun or something.

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