I Quit Music

I went through a little burst of musical creativity a couple weeks ago. Like usual, I thought I did something great but no one cared.

This is how it seems to go so I quit music for good. For SOME stupid reason I always wanted to be a song writer and secretly a spy but something is amiss between my ears and others and I think it might really be me.

I think I really HAVE to let that dream go because basically all it ever brings me is disappointment. For me, the only talents I really have are in the arts so it really sucks that I am neither sucky enough to be someone or great enough to be someone which makes me unremarkable.

To be unremarkable about as low as a person can feel imo. It means I am so average that no one will ever notice. My life will never change and the awesome gift of life I have been given will be wasted on being completely no one.


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