Oculus Quest is Awesome!

I got my Oculus last night. My husband got it for me. I have wanted it for a while now so it finally happened and it really is just amazing. WAAAAAAAYYYYYY better than PSVR but it is a lot more expensive.

I think my husband paid close to 600.00 for it and then I spend 60$ of games so… yeah. Expensive but it’s worth it I think. I mean I feel like I am a better gamer when it’s in VR.

I haven’t checked out many features just yet but I did what Netflix and that was pretty bad ass. It sets you up in a VR living room with a giant screen and it’s actually clear. There PSVR was always a little bit blurry to me. Like with all things, they get better the older they get and so far I am impressed.

The virtual hands on Echo were really cool because you can see your VR body and your arms looks like robot arms and I dig that A LOT. If you think you heard a squeal, that’s because I just did a little.

OH and also, you can see your surroundings with the headset on. There are cameras in the front to scan your room to make a play area but it also comes on when you get too far out of your play zone so you can see what’s going on. I was really impressed by that as I stood right next to the coffee table and I didn’t know it. NEATO!

I can’t wait to check out other stuff but for the time being I think I am going to be playing this game A Dark Matter. I have only gotten past the first level so for and I don’t even know if it’s a “level” just yet but you know what I mean. I think it will be time consuming but it really makes me feel like a detective… a detective with teleport abilities.

It’s so “realistic-is” that I found myself wanting to put my arm on a virtual table and lean. Anyways. That was a quick ramble. I am waiting for it to recharge so I can keep playing.

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