The Rambler

I am going to ramble on with some of the stuff on my mind.  I want to preface (sounds so smart to use a word like preface) by saying that pot delivery services in California is the best thing that ever happened in my life time.  That’s not actually true but it is right up there with the better things that have happened in life.

Moving on to a ramble about the virus.  I am so sick of it.  That’s a really bad way to say it but it’s true.  I wish it would go away already  and let’s all just face death with some dignity.  Sometimes it’s like issuing people their death certificates pre-cog style and then telling them they aren’t allowed too enjoy their last moments on Earth.   IDK though, you can hate me or not for having the opinion of “let’s just get it over with and move on shall we.  May you all not die.”  Post Script, I still follow the recommendations because I am not a true asshole….yet.

Next, chickens shit a lot and the flies are terrible.  We finally got around to getting some chickens and they are super cute and funny to be around but they poop so much it’s a little crazy to think that they do it in their sleep.  Like a baby or something, just letting it all slide out in their sleep.  IDK, that’s gross but super funny to me.  Sorry.

And for the drama!  Yesterday we woke up to a surprise water main break in our front yard.  Like good ‘Merican’s, we buy a home warranty policy that includes everything except for the part where failed pipes on the outside of your house (even though attached to you home) is NOT considered part of your home.  so WOWOWOWOWOW.

Next up we are checking with the insurance to see if they can get that covered.  Fingers crossed and praying to the gods that they do otherwise I will never get that Oculas I have been wanting.

Did I mention that emotionally I have been really whacked lately.  I think this isolation thing mixed with knowing that no one has anything to do and they still don’t call or text you back is really sad feeling.  Yeeeaaaahhhh…. Anyways, you get over it knowing full well what you’ve always known about your friends.  They love you but… lol

I just really felt like getting that garbage off my chest so I can go back to being a teacher, secretary, homemaker, maid, dog walker, chicken raiser, suburban farmer wife, reef keeper (horrible at it btw) wishing I could knock off 10 lbs and having the metabolism of my 20-30…. to think all those years I thought I was fat even though I was ripped like Bruce Lee (total hyperbole).  PPS.  I don’t care about typos and gammer on my own blog.  I a not here to impress anyone with my awesome English that can be easily fixed by automated systems that Google thought up after it realized that people were so much worse when it came to spelling and grammar as they thought.

-says the woman who just crafted a terrible sentence and ends this with the wrong punctuation?  Oh yeah.  Just looking at the Instagram feed on the right (or maybe at the bottom if you’re on a phone), I found Jesus the other day on my walk.  Seriously.  When I saw it, I was like “Damn Jesus, wtf?  Why is your face just sitting there like that?” Then I took a pic just so I could say I found Jesus.

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