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I was doing some reading on Etsy in their Sellers Handbook about marketing and advertising for my online shop.  I have been working on building my business now for about 8 months and I think I have done quite well for what it’s worth.

I have made 49 sales so far and I think that is legitimately awesome for being an artisan. Taking a crystal or rock from a rough piece into a piece of jewelry, cabochon or carving and such.   It’s not much of a profit since I have spent a good amount of money investing in materials that I need to do a better job but all in all, it’s been worth it because I really love what I do.

Every step of the way I have been working on my skills from cutting to polishing (still need a better saw since I am still using a cheap saw that doesn’t make the best cuts), wire wrapping, hemp wrapping and braiding and now I am moving on to metal working and crafting rings and bezels so that I can custom fit the stones that I work on and really open up my creative energy.  Explore what I am really capable of.

One place were I feel like I fail a lot in or at least drop the ball on, is advertising because I spend most of my time working on my crafts so that by the time I get around to posting about them, it’s the last thing I want to do but seriously one of the most important aspects if I ever really want to grow my business into something more.  And I do!

For me, it’s all about being hands on and taking something that Nature gives us and being part of the process of reforming things into their most beautiful state.  It’s to say I feel blessed to be part of the Great Mother and I can easily get lost in it for hours.  Just zen.

However, there is also a side of me that really does want to be successful.  I don’t know how others define success but for me it’s not about making hundreds of thousands of dollars.  That’s just crazy especially since I am a lone wolf BUT I just want to be able to say again and again that I am successful and I feel like I really have been so far but there comes a time when you reach stagnation.

Winter came of course and that took a lot of time away from crafting since I do most of my work outside, advertising avenues close, you bump into problems and I think they can be expected but it shouldn’t stop me from doing what I love.

Anyways, so I am reading from the Etsy Sellers Handbook about marketing and I choose to use Instagram because and it says that I should be building a brand.  Now that’s a new concept to me and I am not exactly sure how to go about that but in essence what I am getting is that branding should be all about who I am and what I am about as far as my business is concerned and I “THINK” I have done that except for the parts where I don’t always keep up with posting like I should.

Sometimes I feel like if I post too much people will be like, “ugh, she post too much” but then if I post nothing then who will see what I have to offer.  I get it.  So that’s where I am at right now.

I like to think I have clearly defined my values but have I?  I don’t think many people read the “about” sections in sellers profiles which lays out what I think is important so I think then that branding on Instagram is meant to be a means of relating to others that THAT really is what I am about.  I don’t just say it, I live it, so to speak.

I do wonder about off topic posting though.  I mean, my No Niche’ Blogger name isn’t because I have a one track mind.  I like too many things: my family, my dogs, nature and sometimes PSV4 because even someone who’s Nature oriented has moments when Virtual Reality gaming is just fun.

I wonder how far away from myself would I become if I didn’t stay true the way I want to just to build a brand?  I wonder if I should just keep it real?  I have a very hard time writing copy or putting on my business face.  It feels like a distraction when I do things like that but I look at what sells and what sells and gets the better advantage are things like that or they have more money and what can I say about that.  Good for them.

I have questions like, should I be using my personal blog to promote my work?  I do sometimes but I don’t think that’s what people read my blog for.  Still, I know eventually I can make it happen but I just have to keep working on it and see where it goes.

I do have an Instagram feed on this website, is that enough?  Sigh…too many questions. But I think besides that I need a real logo that I can attach to the brand.  I read that too. I will see where it goes.

Thanks for reading if you did.  I never say it enough to anyone who reads my blog.  It always means something to me.



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