What Happened to the Music?

bad musicSo here’s the thing.  Music has always been a huge part of my life but lately, for one reason or another something seems very lacking.  Maybe I am just not being moved by the mainstream music these days or something but all I know is that I am just not feelin’ it.

There are some songs and new artist that I do like because music is still music and follows the usual arrangements: verse, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus, chorus… something along these lines.  And while a lot of them make great hooks, and they are catchy and worth what they are worth as far as music goes, for me there is just more to music than patterns that fit the commercial bill.

There seems to be a lack of unique vocals, like where you can hear the difference in a person’s voice.  There are definitely some that you can know by their unique vocal signature or sound like Rush, you’ll pretty much know Rush when you hear it even when you haven’t heard a specific song before.

I am definitely all  over the place when it comes to music.  I like all genres and sounds whether is classical music, new age, punk, rock, alternative, electronic, and even some country, there is no cap on what I consider good music but for the last couple years, I am just not really feelin’ it.

There are some songs that come out and I can dig them for about a month but I haven’t heard many songs that are songs that I cannot live without and will remember 20 years from now.  I think part of that might be how we listen to music and how it get’s around.  Being over 40, I don’t go to concerts anymore.  There is no more MTV and I am left to rely on platforms to feed me music that it thinks I might like but it’s usually wrong because what I desire, what really get’s me are songs that I can relate to in one way or another. So maybe I just don’t relate to today’s youths.  I am sorry about that and I get that but still…

I am talking about the passion in the lyrics or the way a piece is put together, maybe the instruments used.  I can’t really put my finger on what it is but there has to be something relatable.  I  recognize that perhaps my time is long gone when it comes to what is popular just like grunge or alternative rock was what was in when I was younger and so the music industry caters to an age group.  I get that but it leaves me searching and rekindling old favorites and making my own playlist and basically pining for anything that doesn’t sound like Adelle.  That’s not a dig on her but it’s just a matter of fact.

Every female voice seems to sound the same.  To my ears I can hear the vocal filters, overlays and effects (not that Adele’s voice is being modified other than for mastering sound in production)  I don’t know why I can hear it but I can and it genuinely bothers me.  While a diva voice is nice, it’s not ALL that is good.  It seems like those are the only voices worthy of being called singers these days.  When is the last time you heard a new female artist that wasn’t “diva” quality?  Taylor Swift?  And even when it comes to her, when I heard her first as a kid.  I loved her.  I loved that she was a scared little pop-country singing girl with her guitar playing at an awards show.  Her hair was still curly and I loved the sincerity in her lyrics.  Was it commercial quality, yes!  But it was still her and that’s what I liked.  Now, not so much.

Now, I love female artist and there are so many great female bands out there that you may have never heard of who don’t have that kind of voice but have something a bit sweeter, unique and more relatable, more real to me and in their voices I am moved.  Let’s take Delores O’Riordan (RIP) for example.  You’d never hear a voice like hers on the radio anymore.  Why? Or is it just in America? There’s Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To know featuring Kimbra and I love her voice but she’s from New Zealand.  That song is relatable and in 20 years from now, I will still love it.  I am sure of it but bands like that don’t happen often in America.  Why?

And I can’t even begin to cover my frustration with what is being called Rock these days.  On the local radio, I listen to a couple of “rock” stations.  From time to time, they play music resembling rock but for the most part, they fit into the pop-rock or just pop category.  Should I be such a bitch about music, nah.  I don’t think anything I say about is going to change anything nor does it mean that much or that I am even an aficionado BUT, in my small world where music is supposed to mean something, make me think something (other than sex and drugs and dancing with bitches), it just feels lacking and I am just a listener.  I mean, I am also a musician but that’s another story.

ALL that said, let me divert your attention (and I will give them more love in post dedicated to female artist later) to a female alternative rock band called Veruca Salt’s Seether.

Seether: to be in a state of constant agitation. Hence, can’t fight being irritated.

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