Lenovo Yoga 730-15″

img_2287Alas I have finally decided on a new laptop.  I got the Lenovo Yoga 730- 15 inch and so far, it does everything I want.  It has a huge screen.  The lighting is good and doesn’t feel like it is burning my eyes like my iPad Pro.

It has an i5-825OU CPU @ 1.6GHz 1.8GHz Intel (R) UHD Graphics 620 8G RAM (SSD) and 256 storage.

After what feels like months searching for the right computer, I have finally found one that was a little bit more expensive than I really wanted to spend BUT it does everything I want.

  • Windows 10 which synchs to my other devices to easily grab through iCloud.
  • Large enough screen to see what I am doing (these old eyes and all that).
  • It can play PC games and online streaming games. I downloaded Fortnite and I can use my PS4 Controller with it without issues along with Cuphead (that wouldn’t work on my last computer, and other games like Roblox. FYI, however, the graphics for Fortnite aren’t as crisp as they are on the PS4 but it works.  I did have to download it through the Epic Games website though.  For some reason, through the Microsoft store, it said this computer couldn’t run it but it can.
  • All my TV apps are ready to use  and the picture is awesome.

It starts fast and has a fingerprint thing so I don’t have to put in a pin to start.  It doesn’t come with an optical drive but that’s not a huge concern since I stream everything.

When looking at just about every laptop and computer out there, finding the one that was going to do what I wanted at a reasonable price seemed really hard BUT I was able to pic this one up at Best Buy on sale for $559.00 (250$ off). It runs faster than the Acer entry level gaming PC and is sleek.  I can use it as a tablet if I wanted to as well but I don’t really care much for that feature. You can also use the Lenovo pen on this but I use my iPad Pro for drawing and pic editing and all that stuff.

I did also purchase a 3 year warranty JUST because I have two kids who are always breaking my computers so that put a pinch in my wallet but over all, I am really happy with this.

I have never used a Lenovo before but the maker is IMB and I have heard good things about it.  This particular model has 4.7 star rating.  If works this well in a couple of years, I will also give 5 stars but time usually determines how much I think a computer is worth overall but to start, I am really pleased.

Set up was super easy.  It was actually the easiest setup I have ever done on a new PC but I think that may also be because it seems like Windows 10 have fixed the problems I had before.

If you are hunting for a midrange laptop that you can also game on (only up to 8RAM though so the ones requiring at least 12RAM won’t run. Sorry) for a reasonable price.  Give this one a try.


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