No Views, So Depressing

Yesterday I wrote what I thought was an amazing opinion blog about Pandora being back on the Apple Watch and I got no views.  That’s depressing.  It always seems to work like that.  I write something I think is great and it gets nothing.  I write something stupid and it gets views but not many.

Why does it work that?  I am always looking up what tags to use, how to make SEO work for me, how to use social media to get your work out etc, and it just never seems to work for me.  I think there must be some magic behind the screen.  Maybe the internet just doesn’t like me.  Maybe I am too wordy?

This morning I was going to answer some tech questions that I found in a Verge article this morning but I am side tracked wondering what happened.  Is Apple banned from blogging?  Does it get autoblocked?  I have no idea.

I just don’t know how it works for some but never me, it seems.  Maybe I get discouraged too quickly OR I keep repeating the same mistakes.  Like I have mentioned before.  I have had several failed attempts at blogging.  I don’t make money off of them but I know that it would be nice.

I read this blog yesterday about the future of SEO and it was really good and I do think the authors are right about it.  I know that I read it on my phone and I know that VR and AR and MR and home integrations with voice commands are likely the future.  I know I am all up in VR gaming and it would be easier to do things with voice command.  I get it.

I often feel conflicted about the changes.  It’s not just SEO marketing strategies it’s other things from how The Fake New World pumps out doppelgängers to how social media addiction has an adverse effect that isolates people and causes depression.

Like I said, it’s not all bad.  I  still use Instagram because I think it’s better than Facebook and it’s an easy sharing platform to share my art and thoughts without all the controversy.  Although, there was a time I made one comment and it was like it got singled out for some reason and the person who posted it went on a bitch fest and all I said was that I thought the before pic of the girl looked better.

To me, sometimes I think I am giving a compliment but over social media, these things can be taken the wrong way and turned into a fight that never had to happen.

I wonder, is there any chance left for people like me to have a voice?  Do I need to hire someone to do all the PR work for me since I clearly don’t know how to do it, not after all these years?  I suppose it’s just harder for me because I have never had a large list of friends and the ones that I do have, they never read my work anyways.  Shit, I have even seen my own brother’s 1minutemusic4insta start taking off in a very short amount of time while I have been around for years and still only manage 20ish views at most on any given post.

What am I doing wrong?  Sometimes I think I am just not talented but then I have seen several things go viral or people make a living off having no talent whatsoever so I think what my problem is, is that I write too much, have too strong an opinion OR I really just don’t know people.

I just never seem to make things work.  BUT, I have to keep trying even if it can be depressing.


2 thoughts on “No Views, So Depressing

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  1. Oh girl! Don’t get frustrated! It’s not you, it just takes time! Hang in there!… love that you blog about nothing in particular. It’s perfect!

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