Pandora Is Back On Apple Watch!

pandora-symbolI was reading tech news this morning.  Yes, I follow Apple news (and all things tech) because as much as I can loath Apple products, I also appreciate them.  One of the most disappointing things that happened last year or maybe it was the year before was when Pandora left Apple Watch.

For all you youngling’s out there who listen to Apple music or Iheart Radio or Spotify, you don’t know what you’re missing with Pandora.  Granted I might just be old school and biased BUT I have tried them all and none of them compare to Pandora.

It’s possible that Pandora is just better at knowing my interests because I have been using it since, IDK 2005 or something.  It was free, I was poor and I love music.  I am a weirdo who loves to listen to music no matter where I go BECAUSE it sets the mood and I am into almost every genre out there except, I am sorry but not sorry to say, modern country and most modern music including new age metal or rock because they lack something very important to me, creativity.

I am not at all surprised by the lack of general creativity when it comes to pop like country and hip hop (if it’s even called hip hop anymore) but rock has really hit rock bottom.  Rock, being my main genre of listen delight, sounds more and more like emo without the emo.  It’s like generic 80’s big hair band music trying to make a comeback but sounds more like a cheap throwback that doesn’t even offer showmanship or personal attributes that MADE big hair what it was and lack the quality of Emo rock that made the early 2000s what they were.  I will call it a generic slice of minced meat pie.  Bleh.

For what it is worth, I classified Blink 182 in the Emo department because when you think about it, it was never Punk like say NOFX because it doesn’t touch on political or controversial subjects that were, imo, the hallmark of what punk rock is.  Rebellion.

Emo, on the other hand is always about emotions.  Emotional attributes of everyday life and social anxieties, despair, pining, personal.  And while it’s not my favorite genre, it had something to offer which is why I could still find it palatable EVEN though I felt like it was too whiney, much like country, to listen much.

But back to what I was saying.  Today, music being pushed on Apple Music feels more like a marketplace that makes deals with record companies that don’t really care about what they are putting out but pushing it because it makes money and they know what sells because when you put music in a place where, regardless of it’s creative musical attributes, just being there MUST mean it is good, it will sell and that sucks.

Whatever happened to producers going out and searching for real talent?  The world needs variety especially in music.  Different is good.  They say music is dead.  It feels like that currently and for the last ten years or so but there are musicians out there pushing the bar and bringing back what music is all about.  It will be resurrected!  If I had to choose between sound quality and quality music, I would listen to an acoustic artist who makes live mistakes over Lady Gaga any day.  FYI, I think Lady Gaga is an amazing human so don’t take what I said the wrong way.

I am not completely writing off  Apple iTunes because I can still purchase old favorites and through other sources, I still manage to find new musicians that are worthy enough for me to hear today EVEN if they fall into the commercial genre, which is what it is, commercial music.

What’s the point of listening to it if I seem to hate it so much?  Well, for one, I can always count on a beat that is predictable which makes them worthy of being on my workout mixes because a good beat on a long run makes running easy.  Just like dancing.  It’s the beat that makes you move, to be out of sync with the beat causes confusion so it’s natural for you mind to want to sync up to it and that really IS why it works and is worth having.

But as far as their stations, meh.  They suck, suck, suck.  Not one time in my year fling with Apple Music had it ever known me well enough to know what I would like so skip, skip, skip, that’s ALL I ever seemed to do.  So skipping cost a small fortune because you have to pay to use it unlike Pandora which is totally free.

I  do subscribe though because I hate ads.  Nothing is worse than being abruptly interrupted by the blare of someone talking while you’re getting your relax on or fucking with your cadence out on a run.  Can you imagine being at a club dancing and then out of nowhere, an ad plays?  Que record scratch.

Anyway.  I  got my Apple Watch series 3 a while ago because I don’t need to be attached to my phone to use it which made it ideal because I hate carrying my phone around with me ESPECIALLY when I am working out or out on a walk.

In this day and age, I feel like I do need to be somewhat connected mostly because I have kids that I vowed to always be here for no matter what and being on a run or something is no exception to the rule.  That IS why I got the watch to begin with.

It’s a Walkman and a phone and it gives me what I need.  I really don’t know why the news has such bad reviews about the Apple Watch.  I think it is the best and most useful gadget on the market.  Shit, if you’re clever enough, you could even use it to spy on your home because you can activate your phone and take pics remotely.  I don’t actually use that function much but it’s there.

So when Pandora took itself off the watch app market, I was totally bummed.  I actually searched for it in a panic because it was the one App that I had to have.  I was livid that I had to spend hours downloading music off of my computer into iTunes so I wouldn’t have to purchase them again, just to get them into Apple Music and create my own station.  But what really pissed me off is that when I left Apple Music to go back to Pandora, it also erased all the music I uploaded from my computer leaving only the purchased music available.  You. Just. Have. No. Idea what a pain in the ass that is when you have music scattered around between Amazon music and Apple music and external hard drives from cd uploads done years ago that took days to complete.  It’s been so long that hardly any of the CDs that I love so much will even play right anymore because they are so scratched up.

You’d think they could just make it easier for at least the music that you bought through different places could all be loaded into one file without having to go through a long processes of making it happen, and you can do it.  It just takes forever.  It’s frustrating and so tedious.  It can make a sane person go mental.

But now Pandora is back and I am super happy because it has been around so long that they do a pretty damn good job at guessing what music you’ll like.  Use the like and dislike button.  It helps.  And to make it even better, you can also listen offline on your watch instead of using data.  That comes with a subscription of course but it’s only 5$ a month compared to Apple which charges something like 15 a month.

But the point of what I am saying is that Pandora knows me so well; I mean it has been over 10+ years that I have been using it so I can get a station that plays 90+% of what I do like and I don’t have to bother with downloading, uploading, and configuring anything.  That’s the way it should be.

My favorite station, by the way, is Radiohead.  You just don’t know what your missing as far as music goes when your stuck in commercial music.  One day music will be good again.  Open up Pandora’s box.



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