How to Work WordPress?

I spent basically all of yesterday remaking my blog because I decided that this year will by my year to make a successful blog blogging about whatever and somewhere in the background (menu) telling short stories.

I wonder how much customization is necessary really.

There are some things that I have been trying to make work that I just cannot seem to get working like getting the sidebar in the actual side so you can see the playlist down below if it even exist below anymore.  I checked on different operating systems to see how things look and they don’t all look the same so that IS a little frustrating.  On a phone, I get that it has to look different otherwise it would be impossible to read, well maybe not impossible but annoyingly small.

Also, when I type the cursor jumps to different locations so if I am not paying close attention, I end up either deleting an entire paragraph or parts of words but I think that might be sensitivity to the touch pad that I must be hitting.  Still uber annoying.

And what is “cool” anymore.  What’s appropriate?  I totally realize that maybe nothing I have to say is actually interesting.  I have come to accept that.  I think the word is “unremarkable”.  I learned that last night watching a new Netflix Original called YOU.

YOU is about this girl who opens up her “fake” life on social media and attracts a stalker who seems super sweet but ends up being a crazy murderer for his infatuation of this girl who calls herself Beck who wants to be a writer but doesn’t believe in herself and gets hung up fucking a lot of men and falls for the stalker… at least I think she ultimately does.  I have only watched 3 or 4 episodes so far and it’s pretty good.

Anyway, so she in a meeting for a review of her work and some other character is reading his work and one of the people calls his work, “unremarkable”.  Then I thought, “Oh fuck”,  that’s what I am since I rarely get comments unless they are spam which the software on WordPress, I forget what it is called, removes them so I don’t even get the chance to read those.

It is probably better that way anyhow.  No sense in reading comments that are just there to gain traffic to their own sites.  I need a little more than that when it comes to people reading whatever I write.  Then I wonder if I just write too much.  I love writing so writing long posts is something that I do but from what I can glean, it looks like blogs that write little and show a lot more pics do better.

I am not that girl.  Ten-some years ago, there was a minimum threshold of words that could be used to rank anywhere, today it is like the total opposite.  That means that I am pretty sure that people do not read all the way through so they miss some of the points or I am not doing a good job of keeping the reader engaged.

Not much I can do about that except become a better blogger.  Again, I moved off track.  I am still trying to navigate all the functions for the site and have found it best to not use the app because it crashes a lot and doesn’t offer the same tools needed that I find using the dashboard through the site.  It is so much easier that way.

Ugh, I wonder if I can just add a sympathy pay button.  I probably couldn’t figure out how to make that work either but at least it is a lot easier to use than it was ten years ago.  Yeah, it’s been a while and I am starting to feel old.

At what age does a person become old?  I read that 40 is the new 20 but seriously, no.  That is batshit crazy.  That’s like a term buzzed for people going through a mid-life crises early enough to maybe pass for twenty something and recognizing that at 40, they didn’t accomplish much.

I think I sort of fall into that category except I don’t feel the want or desire to go out living like a twenty or thirty something.  That’s not to say that younger people are stupid for doing their thing but it is my way of saying that I did enough partying in my 20-30’s that the idea of living it up like that again is mental draining.  So I say no to the idea that 40 is the new 20.

40 is the new 40 and people should own their age.  It’s weird for me because I have this youngish looking face and at my kid’s schools, a lot of the parents are really young.  Some just barely pushing their late 20’s and talking about being old.  See, now I understand how stupid I must sound when talking to my elders and calling myself old.

It’s a circle, folks.  Young people make me feel old, old people feel old and being middle aged is just as confusing as being young but I certainly don’t want to go back to being that young.  If anything, the only thing I would turn back time on is what gravity and child bearing have done to my boobs and ass,  then again.  I look around and wonder how the fuck all these young people look so old and out of shape which, as much of an asshole as I can be, makes me feel good that besides living it up when I was young, it still paid to take care of myself.  Exercise people.

Blame whatever you want on the aging processes and obesity epidemic all you want to but the truth, and it IS the truth, is that if you are out of shape it is likely because you eat too much garbage food, don’t know how to cook and just don’t get any exercise.

On the one hand, I don’t blame people for that.  Living is expensive so you have to work a lot to make ends meet and cheap food is cheap food but exercise is free.  You don’t need a ton of it to stay healthy but for some reason, people live with the desire but not a lot of drive to just go out and do it.

It’s the way of the world and now I leave this video that is completely off track from where I started if I can get it to work.

Okay, it was easier than I thought. Just copied the link from my channel and pasted it and the whole video showed up. Now I just hope it fits in the screen right. I always have a problem trying to get the videos the right size. It sucks when your stuff is all over the place.

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