My Take On 2018

2018 was the year of the Ultimate Shit storm.  I cannot think of a lot of good things to come of the last couple years actually but there is a silver lining to it when I get to it.

First on my list as the ultimate shitter is the 45th president of the ‘Merica.  I think people who still have some sense about them have finally come to realize that that person was a mistake.  While I really try not to be a hater, it’s really hard when it comes to that.

What did he really do?  Basically nothing but infiltrate the internet so that he is in your face all the time.  No matter where you go and what you’re doing, he is there being shoved down your throat.  From clothing to social media to people getting into fights over him, it has all been sureal and absurd.

He killed social media.  Normally when I say someone “killed” something, I mean in the good sense, like “Jonny is killing it at Karaoke” or something but when I say he “killed” social media, I mean his presense IS the reason the world became so damned divided.  We can blame it on Russia or “fake news” or relentless advertising but to me, the truth of the matter is that it was him.

Everything from buzzing the term “Fake News” to blowing up Twitter (a platform I never really got into and haven’t  logged into in years) that then ended up on Facebook and then in nearly every news publication to even magazines and with that was his trail of bullshit and don’t forget about the “government alert” thing that blasted every person’s phone or devise in the U.S so that you can never get away from that guy or the government interferring with everything you do, say, watch and think.

As a liberal, something I have never denied, even liberalism has taken a dark turn.  A sometimes stupid one too.  I know some of my liberal friends get annoyed when I point it out but I still see it as true and I have never had much of any problem with any of my conservative friends either.  It’s not a one side wins all scenario when it comes to people.

Their beliefs are their own and even if I disagree with things on religion to politics, it’s just fine to who you are and feel whatever it is that makes you feel right in the world but as a liberal, I have and always will feel like people should be free to feel, love, think, believe in whatever they want.  I don’t think I was put on the Earth to demand a world full of “boxes made of ticky tacky”.  That’s the most boring thing I can think of and it’s been playining itself out to the point where I, personally, I have dropped out of that because there are few things that I find intolerable.

  1.  Taking away people’s choices. It doesn’t matter how controversial something is, it must always be a choice.  I often play Devil’s Advocate BECAUSE I know that people have differnt upbringings and all that so just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean another shouldn’t either.  It’s the damndest thing these days that even many liberals cannot see; that in so many ways,  they are doing what conservatives do which is trying to deny people’s rights to choose.  THAT is the very essense of my association (labeling) with being a liberal, “to each his/her own”.
  2. PC.  Yes, I suck as a liberal when it comes  to PC but I actually hate that people cannot distinguish satire from actual hate.  I hate that I have gotten myself into some shit for saying things that I don’t actually mean or feel but say them because in my head some things are just fucking funny.  I would never harm a child, I don’t believe using the world “retard” is a measure of how I feel about people who have special needs and when I pop off a racist joke, I don’t say them because I am racists but because I see the common absurdity, the humor in things and don’t get so upset when people say them.  Yes, I would be offended if someone wearing a “red hat” said something racist but that is literally because MAGA has become synonomous with racism so when that happens, it’s hard NOT to be offended.  Am I a hipocrite?  A lil’bit yes but at least I am not talking about Jesus being a lover and forgiver of all man and then spitting out hatered just because the color of your skin doesn’t match my own.  I am brown by the way, light brown really, more like a tan color.
  3. Bad drivers.  Just pay fucking attention.  I don’t want to die that way.  I need to live long enough to get an aging disease that will slowly kill me so that I pass away on my 101st birthday well aware of how the body deteriorates from the inside out.  I  know it seems sick, but I want to live it all, see it through to the end on my terms.  Not so much to ask for, I don’t think.

But back to what I was saying.  The president killed social media and made it a toxic place as well as the news, anything assocciated with him becomes toxic, probably even this blog entry just because he is in it.  I get it.

Advertsing.  I remember while ago thinking that one day we would end up paying to NOT see advertising and that’s a reality now.  You cannot get anything for free and advertising is the American way… okay it the way of the economy and specifically e-conomy (e-commerse).  Just like commercials but on everything and I didn’t want to see commercials when I was a kid and I certainly hate seeing them now when I am trying to watch a stupid YouTube video.  It’s like five minutes of my  life that I cannot even get away from advertising so you have to pay a premium that goes to advertisers to not see what they want to sell you. That’s so fucked up.  Sinister when you  think about it.  But whatever, it’s the way of the world.  Do we really need to see an ad every two minutes?

The good things about 2018.

Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Amazon entertainment.  I loved moving away from cable and Satelite TV this year.  I rarely watched cable to begin with because most of the programming is the same old “made for tv” boring and redundant crap that’s been airing for forever.  But for these platforms, OMG, some stuff is so good I simply hate myself for binging way more than I ever thought was okay but I get sucked in and cannot bring myself to part way until the season is over and then I left sad and confused because I have to wait for the next season which can take a year or more sometimes.

I like that you can buy a season pass on Prime to watch shows that may be on channels you don’t want to pay for all year round just to watch for three months so paying, IDK 30$ for a season of a show you do like is better than all year at 15$ a month or 90$ a month for cabel or satelite or something.

And because this is getting too long, I will wrap it up with the best thing I think to happen to last year/this year is the same thing that was the worst.  Getting off of social media.  Primarily Facebook.  I know it will be hard for people to part ways with it but I really think it is the best thing people can do to rejoin the real word and get back in touch with actual people and see the world as it is not through the lense of someone else distopia or utopia.  That is the place people go to to destroy their mental well-being and probably their families and friends too.   If it isn’t being ignored by maybe your spouse or children or brother and sisters or best friends you use to have, then it is the constant feed of either angry people, people who tell you every.single. detail of every moment of their lives that is always drama that at times you feel for but at the same time you’re thinking how long can that drama go on for and why haven’t you changed something yet so you will  stop getting the same result?

It was good while it lasted but I  think people are coming to realize, or at least I am, that my life is better spend away from  thoese things.  Start a Vlog on YouTube, start your own blog, create your own website, go outside and take pictures of things other than yourself.  Try something new, try VR if living in another way is what you’re into but for the love of sanity, step away from the bullshit and you’ll see that the world created through that lense is the one created to influence YOU outside of it and build a preception that isn’t even true until you make it that way.

I asked myself  the other day if I am feeding the internet or if  the internet is feeding me?  It works both ways but there are entities out there that have the money to alter your perception of the world to create an environment that is condusive to their own pockets.  Just remember that.

It aint all bad but it certainly isn’t all good either.  Again, sorry for the errors.  I don’t care and haven’t been using auto correct or spell check and  I  don’t have an editor and I don’t really care to  go back and fix it all. I just don’t.

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