Cuphead not Working.

I am bummed.  I bought Cuphead for PC yesterday and for some reason it doesn’t work.  Actually a few things don’t seem to work with my computer.  I shouldn’t be surprised though.  It’s not a gaming PC, it just a bottom line computer like many of the things I get for myself.  Then again, when I splurge for a top line thing, I am usually disapointed too.

I couuld’t connect the xbox controller to my PC but I actually don’t think that is the problem.  I read this morning that I am not the only person who’s had issues playing the came on PC.  I was really bummed when I couldn’t download it to xbox either because I have the old model 360 and everything is for One now.

I never really like Xbox to begin with though.  I played it a lot just to play Guitar Hero eons ago but always felt like the Play Station just had better graphics and the networking capabilities are just better and less complicated.  The only issue I had with PS4 was an internet configuration problem that was resolved when I contacted my provider and they told me how to change the settings to allow those features to work.  I would give the rundown on it but am not really saavy on things like that.  I fix them but don’t really remember how.  I think I have somewhat of a short-term memory problem.

What’ya gonna do?  I wasted 15$ on a game I cannot play.  Sigh…at least it wasn’t a lot of money.  Still really wanted to play it though.  Right now my kid is hogging the PS4 playing a game called Subnautica.  She swears it’s the most beautiful game she has ever played.  I totally disagree with that but to each her own.

WHY do I have such trouble buying top-line things for myself?  I would drop a pretty penny on my kids and not bat an eye but when it comes to myself, like things just soley for myself.  I contimplate it for days, weeks, even a year before I decide it if it is worth it and then usually go with a cheaper alternative like my PC.  I think it comes from so many years of being broke and fearing that if I personally splurge on myself then it would be all my fault if we fell short for the obligations because I still have a home and kids and  pets and a husband that need to be taken care of first.

Still, things like the iPhone 8s, I got that because of the better camera capabilities but after using it a while I realized it wasn’t much better than then the 6.  In some ways the 6 was the better phone.  I doubt I will upgrade and I am considering breaking ties with Apple and going towards something like a Galaxy but then again.  I have so much  invested into Apple’s intergration that I will likely just stay with it and avoid the hassel of moving things to different OS’s.  But it’s not like I am saying they all suck.  I like them to say the least, it’s just that they aren’t as cool as my naive mind was made to believe and lately, all my Apple devices have been crashing.  If it’s not disconnecting from my network, or the 4g network, it’s not letting calls through or the ringer doesn’t work sometimes so I am not seeing my messages or calls until way later which makes me feel like a jerk when I don’t get back to someone in a reasonable amount of time especially when it’s family.

I also spent money  on a controller to work with my Ipad to play Fortnite with my kids because the controls on the pad itself suck when trying to play but it doesn’t work with that game and I can’t get the remote that came with my VR (cheap to say the least) headset to work at all.  It connects by bluetooth but doesn’t actually do anything.

Maybe I should just go to those Apple classes and figure the shit out because things keep changing so fast, by the time I get up to date on one thing, the next thing is out and it is really annoying.  Why on Earth does Apple need to introduce a new phone every year?

I think they should spend more time fixing all their issues with the network and operations within their products and stop being such tools when it comes to keeping all things on their own platform.  SHARE already.  It’s super frustrating to have to  be all over the place because things don’t work with each other.

I get the whole business and secrecy shit and wanting to  be the best and creating competition but by now, their competition is with entertainment which  I think Apple really dropped the ball on.  I  did read that they are working on AR which would only be cool if it was a mixed reality version because playing AR games on a tablet sucks.  I tried and thought it was super weak compared to sitting back in the VR world or gaming that way.  Perhaps they have plans for something that will blow away the competition but I doubt it.

I also read that the Apple Watch wasn’t very good.  To be honest, it’s probably the most useful thing I have.  I actually do love my watch but I hate that Pandora decided to leave the market there because Apple music sucks.  Their stations are so out of touch and they seem to only promote generic music.  By generic music, I mean new age pop that all sounds that same.  I get it though.  The new generation likes that sort of music but I am getting a little old.

I don’t look old or feel old exept that I can hardly stay awake past 9 on a regular basis and physically, I am starting to run out of the steam I used to have for heavy endurance and lifitng etc., but shit, I  think I have earned that token and now I want to just raise my kids, be in touch with all the things they are into and enjoy the ride along with them but with the way things keep changing, it’s not only extremely expensive,  I realize we have such different taste in a lot of things.

It reminds me of that saying, “kids these days”.  I  find myself thinking back on all the times my parents said shit like that and I get it now but I tend to think I  am still much cooler than my folks ever were.   And today, all the shit I dreamed about when I was a kid is all here except for the hoverboard, still just a dream and even if it were here, I would probably kill myself trying to ride one now so.


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