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A new year is coming in a couple days and I  have been mind blown with a taste of Virtual Reality.  I WANT MORE!  More on that later.

First, I need to bitch about having too many devices.  Sure,  I figured if I had all the best gadgets and stuff, it would make life easier.  It really hasn’t.  It has furture complicated things and made me a groggy bitch everytime I switch from PC to IOS because some things just aren’t compatible NOT to mention having to remember so. many. fucking. passowords.  I wonder why shit just cannot be safe already.  But, yeah, there are always the theives.

I rarely ever use my PC anymore but since I really hate Social Media, I want to come back to blogging.  You know, because not too many people read my boring shit and so I don’t really have to listen to too much bullshit about how wrong I am about things etc.  Ugh, the social media world is a self-rightious bitch that picks on every. little. fucking. thing and then bombards you with ads and re-directs and then makes you feel like a pile of shit that landed in a shit circus with elephants trampling on your shit and then it’s just a shit fest.

Anyways.  I have moved on to other things besides Alien hunting (not really but still hoping) and VR.  I bought myself a VR headset for xmas and while it isn’t even that great, for the apps that work well with IOS, the very bottom line experience is amazing and I already feel like THAT really is the new future.  The gaming experience, although very limited to just a couple of short games because IOS isn’t with the times when it comes to VR, is just incredible and so worth it and that’s just bottom line stuff.

I cannot even imagine what a real top of  the line experience would be like because I don’t have a computer powerful enough to render anything useful or have enough storage to run something like a Vive but if I had the money for something like that, I would, without a doubt, get it.  I do worry that I would become addicted to it though.

Of the things I could potentially afford, I am thinking that I want to get the Oculas Go because it’s a standalone and would cover my needs.  I am not THAT into gaming like my kids are but I do like to game on occassion but mostly I like movies or just being in an experience to get away for a little.

Being a mom can be a very lonely place.  Most people except other moms don’t really understand the lonliness that comes from being a stay at home mom especially in a tech world where everything is done through a screen.  My husband is constantly on social media which is the prime reason I hate it so much.  I always feel like stupid car videos are more important that me in real life.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally get it.  Some shit just keeps you glued because it’s constantly changing and keeps you engaged so that means my husband has a short attention span and I can’t really blame him…much.

My oldest daughter is a big time gamer.  It’s actually cool.  When I think of the other things she could be doing,  I cannot really complain.  She’s damn good at it even though she will tell you she sucks.  With that, I wonder if getting a VR set for PS4 would be a good idea.  It’s like I really want to let her experience that but at the same time I know I would never get to play because she would hog it.  But really, I do want that too.  Who hasn’t wanted to be IN the game.  That’s the sort of shit I dreampt about when I was a kid and it’s here for my kids.  Don’t tell me that GenX-ers are worthless.  We got lost in our own words because the political asshold world sucks the life out of people.

And my youngest daughter, she like role play games.  She’s young yet so here skills aren’t that great but to be honest, she’s still got more skill than me.  All of which I am not sure is a good thing but I am perplexed like I said in a previous entry.

All-in-all.  I can’t wait for this year to be yesterday’s news.  It has to have been the worst year ever for so many reasons but also one that brang to light so many complex issues that I no longer feel compelled to discuss anymore, just change it for myself.

As for all the devices.  I feel like I got jipped.  I got the iPad-pro and it sucks.  The only thinig it is good for is art and photo-editing or music.  I can’t complain about that.  I use it a lot for that stuff but that’s about it.  I really want to use my iphone for more than checking the weather and mail because no one calls me and I rarely get text messages either.  I do blame that on social media.

It’s like people are there so they think that they’ll just send a spam message and everyone will see it and it’s all good so there’s no need to be personal anymore.  It’s just a scapegoat for very shallow behavior that makes people like more feel more lonely than I have ever felt.

So anyways.  That’s about that.  I just have to decide which VR set I am going to go with since I cannot afford a gaming PC system.  I am thinking Oculas Go just because I think it would satisfy what I want without all the other stuff but ugh.  I cannot decide.  I also want the PSVR too but I hear that it’s not as optomized unless you upgrade to PS4-pro and that’s a pretty penny too.  One that maybe I should wait for until VR becomes common and rendering through streaming or something THEN maybe it won’t be a hard choice.

Also, again.  I KNOW there are spelling and grammer erros.  I am not using auto-correct and I don’t feel like going over random rants just make things come out professional and crap.  I just don’t care that much anymore.  I especaially don’t care that much anymore since actual news articles don’t give enough shits to even correct their tittles.

Yes, 2018 was the year of not really giving many fucks so  there you go.  🙂 ~

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