Not Lost in the Cloud

This isn’t a pic you want to part ways with.  This is my girl and I getting a cookie from a local small cookie place at the mall that closed down a few years back.  It was our one special place we went to together that was just for us.


Earlier this year like in January I accidentally deleted over a thousand pictures from my phone and what I thought was also the cloud because no matter how many times I tried toget them back, they seemed lost forever and I was really, really upset.  Today, having gon e back to my PC, I wanted to get the pics off my phone onto my PC and it wouldn’t let me get them off but I  clicked on the help link and it told me to download the icloud app for PC.

It took a while for it to download but after a while, I opened my picture thingy and they  all started to download from the cloud.  All those precious photos I thought were lost forever are back and I am so flippin’ happy!  I guess things really do stay in the cloud even when you think you’ve deleted them.

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