Woo hoo, new keyboard and other things.

Well alright, I finally got a keyboard to use with my ipad. This makes blogging a lot easier. So far so good, all things considered. They keyboard itself feels a little bit small but it is what it is. I will get use to it.

In other boring news. The school district that I wrote to wrote me back about my complaints. All is as I thought they would say. I know they are full of shit and they probably all get together to rag on what an annoyance I am but whatever. My kids and all that. Never liked this city anyways. Most here are like typical christian hypocrites. I mean, not all are. My neighbors are pretty alright and a few others.

Went to the mall with my kids too today. I have fun with them. They make me laugh but sometimes they talk too much. My eldest is really getting into teenager stuff. Today she got fake nails. I don’t mind though. I went through that stage too and for what it is worth. She is a billion times better of a kid than I was and she is smarter and more considerate…unless it comes to her sister which is another story. Hahaha

Anyways. I really just wanted an excuse to see how well my new keyboard works. It seems to work well. It has little delay, if any that I can tell. It was only 30$ on Amazon too. I was going to get the ipad smart keyboard but after reading the reviews on it, I decided that I really didn’t want to spend 150$ to begin with on a keyboard. It all worked out. It’s a brand I never heard of before, OMOTON. I am pairing it with an ipad 12.9 gen 2 (2017) model. Although, I am not that impressed with the ipad itself. For the price of it, you’d think you would have zero problems with anything. It’s not bad though. After a month of getting it paired and working right with everything else, it’s doing fine. Better too because it was way to much money.

I wanted it to replace using a regular laptop (PC). Wish I would have known that you could get a free version of Word for iPad before I bought Office 365 for 150$. I am not sure if they work together though. I might just have gotten it for “free” because I already purchased it and they link it all through the same email accounts so I don’t know.

All these things start to get complicated. Watch, phone, iPad, PC, Apple TV. Ugh. I feel like a junkie. What happened to the good old days? 12 years ago I bought a Dell for a pretty penny and that laptop lasted me for about 9-10 years before it really started to have problems and I put it through everything. After that, I got an HP and I hated it. Actually I bought an HP printer/scanner too and that was the worst purchase I ever made.

Then I bought another Dell because that HP I bought about 6 years ago (actually my husbands) had issues after a few month. Now I have an EPSON that cost about 100$ that does what I wanted the 350$ HP printer to do. So it isn’t always worth the money. At least with Apple iPad, they seem to do okay. I bought a mini 6 years ago and it’s still working. A bit slow after all these years but I ended up giving it to my littlest baby and she uses it all the time. Because of that, I can say that it was a good purchase that I don’t regret.

I don’t mind spending the money on something when it will last. That is the point. You want something to last but for other things, a high price tag doesn’t alway mean better. Dell use to make really good computers but now they suck. HP, IMO, has never made a good computer. I bought one for my kid for school and it started having problems after two years. Shame too, I really liked Dell.

Anyways. Now I am rambling on.

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