No More War Please

I read an article this morning from the South Chine Morning Post and the words were strong. I don’t blame them but my worries are similar. Honestly, I don’t have any problem with China. Whatever leaders and corporations do out of their own desire for wealth and power shouldn’t drag us all into their wars, trade or otherwise. I think most people would rather have peace and most people don’t have a problem with other countries like Mexico, Canada, China, and Japan. Most probably feel empathetic to those caught in the wars of similar likeminded war hawks on Syria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Israel, Yemen, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Malaysia just to name a few.

It’s an ever escalating affair between world powers that has no regard for us who have to wait, hope, pray that we won’t get blown up or we won’t end up in the devastating effects of what war means. Many of these places used to be beautiful booming towns but now they’re rubble. They literally destroy people’s homes, separate families, and force people out of their cities and even countries because there’s nothing left. And of course there is the death toll, millions of loves lost to causes of greed. I doubt most ever wanted to be dragged into it but I assume many weren’t left with many choices; defend what is left from those who are destroying everything or be forced to defend the same leaders who destroyed everything they had. It’s not fair to use people as their means to an end and it’s unfair to force people into having to choose between “kill or be killed”, many go for the latter.

So I doubt that most are unaware of what’s going on in the world and I disagree with everything the current president here is doing. I can hardly understand how anyone can think he is good but then again, after hearing what Facebooks negligence lead to the mental manipulation of millions of uses which probably extends into the billions, I can see now how this happened and that’s so messed up. I have other words but I will digress.

Most have had the sense that the war was coming because all the signs have been laid out bare for everyone to see and despite it all, I am still hoping that something significant will change the current course because I know as much as anyone else that a nuclear exchange is not good for anyone and I am deeply concerned that people with this power do not have an empathetic gene that will prevent them from doing so.

I don’t want it it happen to us. I don’t want it to happen to North Korea or China or Russia or Japan or anywhere and I just cannot understand why they all cannot let it go. Certainly there is fear that the other isn’t trustworthy enough to believe that if they all stand down then the escalating will stop but now that we have a president that lost the election running the show (And it is a show) who most certainly cannot be trusted, then it’s no wonder that everything is getting worse very quickly.

A bit of me is still so mad at people close to me who did not listen when I told them that he is a threat to our security, a hot head and a liar but for some reason building a wall between us and Mexico was more important. I wonder if they are regretting their choice? I doubt it. Right now they’re more concerned with keeping their war guns to fight the war that they are creating because they themselves probably couldn’t see that their fears are what lead us to this. I want nothing to do with it but unfortunately when it all starts coming down, it takes us all with it and there isn’t anything we can do about it.

Ugh. Why can’t they learn? Why is it always so difficult for these war lords to put people in their best interest instead of money people or power people or their own self absorbed desires? I will never understand.

I just want to live my incredibly boring life in peace, enjoy what’s left of nature, the stars and be comforted by the magic that is real in life like the gift of children, the beautiful flowers, the trees, the ocean… sigh…

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