Make up

Okay. So I thought I would try the whole make up thing again. After all, I am getting older and although I still look like I am in my 20s, I figure why not give it a try. My husband is coming home soon. He’s even gone a while and I still try to look nice for him. He loves me at my worst so it’s not like I have to impress him but I think it’s a good thing to not let yourself go too far. Not yet anyways. I imagine when I am 55 or something that I won’t have that great of control over the aging process but I still feel young enough, being 40 aside, I still get more tired than when I was actually 20 so in another 10-15 years being as active and in shape as I am now might be even harder than it is now just like I have to work 3x as hard now than I did when I was 20 to maintain good muscle structure and weight.

I have to say though, there really isn’t a damn thing I can do about going grey. My mom started to grey when she was 35 and man, once they start really coming in, they really start coming in. You can’t see them in the picture because most of them are growing in back where I usually put my ponytail but believe me, they are there. I have decided to embrace that though. No sense it fighting something I really cannot change. So here I am born 1978 looking like I was born in 1987. Okay. It might be a stretch but I don’t think I look 40 and I don’t plan on it until I am 60.

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