Leaving Facebook for Good.

I haven’t left it permanently just yet as I am trying to tie up my ends and collect my friends info so I can keep in touch with them.  That’s the easy part about leaving.  The hard part is trying to get all my pictures and videos copied.  There use to be a way to copy your file and it’s in their Help section but it’s not there so I don’t know.

They never let you permanently delete the account for some reason either so everything I have ever put on there will stay until Facebook crumbles.  I don’t know.  It just really sucks that we could be manipulated like we were.  I don’t know if I was directly effected by the breach but I know what when down a few years ago during the elections and I knew then that something wasn’t right.

How they did it though.  Ugh.  I know the world has some serious issues but the caused over this thing with Cambridge Analytica.  That just takes the cake.  I knew what I was seeing was propaganda but I couldn’t prove it.  It’s just one of those things you know because you know what it is even when you cannot positively pinpoint why it is.  It’s just one of those things and that’s why it is so dangerous.

Because of this, and not blaming my anger at Facebook for their oversight (although I am really upset) we ended up with a president dictator and a world that seems to be falling apart from the inside out.  And while I don’t have the data or anyway to prove what I think.  I really do think that THIS is the connection between why our kids and so many people have gone batshit crazy and hurting each other.

Young minds are particularly vulnerable to what they are seeing and without much prior experience in life, it is really easy for them to be manipulated.  I  know my friends and I picked up on it early enough to know that what we were seeing was propaganda but elderly people who aren’t as connected as other and the young were targeted and the world is falling to pieces.

That is such a terrible thing to do, to sow so much fear and doubt that even people that I think were pretty smart have fallen into the abyss of this new wave of Nationalism and they cannot even seem to understand that they are being manipulated.  That what’s being poured into their feeds are different from others and it gives people this false sense of what is going on in the world and creates paranoia.  Who can I trust, who can we trust.

And just like the people they don’t want to become, they are them and now extremism exist in this country on a larger scale than smaller isolated portions which is being given this grand platform to proliferate and a government that won’t stand in their way.  It’s actually more fucked up in my eyes than others may think.

When people get into others minds like that, it’s the worst kind of abuse.  That abuse causes people to do things that they would otherwise not do.  In a very real sense, they are being used as weapons and that’s fucking crazy.

I knew it was bad a long time ago but every year it gets worse and now I know why.  It seems no one can explain why all the sudden our kids are shooting other kids and committing suicide and Christian Extremist blowing people up.  But look at how it’s all gone down over the years.

We know the Russian’s have everything to do with it and that they are the masters of propaganda.  It’s the way they roll.  I know that this master manipulation strategy started long before Facebook alone.  I started noticing it on YouTube as well.

Mind you, I  have been on YouTube since it was first public and I have seen everything from doctored/edited videos of Obama that were so good, for a little while even I fell for it because I never thought anyone would be so cruel as to intentionally lie but it happened.

Somewhere along the way, the same things made it’s way to Facebook where the era of “memes” became hard to control a few years ago.  No one even knew what a meme was until they started coming and searching and before it could end, it was already permanently embedded into our culture.  Hence, it’s a meme.

But then there’s the racism, the hate groups, the lies, Christian extremism, the families torn apart, the children being killed, the bullying… it’s unrelenting and unforgiving.  And Facebook is like a drug.  You just keep coming back even though you  know it is bad for you because you get instant access to “likes”.  I have read some studies about the phenomena and as much as I hate to admit it.  I am addicted to it.  You start to build a life around it.

I never even wanted to be on there to begin with but that’s were everyone was going so it was out of isolation that I ended up there too, drinking the poison every day not knowing how much of myself I was really putting out there and what kind of damage it could do.

When I think of internet vulnerabilities, I usually think of people ripping off your credit card information and things like that.  I had no idea that simple things like taking a fun personality test or some random and entertaining quiz could be used to manipulate us.

That really boggles my mind to no end.  It’s like being mind raped.  And although it doesn’t physically compare to actual rape or abuse, the feelings I am having at the moment compare to them.  I have been raped so I know what that was like and there aren’t too many differences other than my physical body was not touched by it.

But all the other things.  It’s stolen from my mind without consent and it’s isolating and manipulating and gives you the feeling of being forever vulnerable and damaged by association.  Who knew that just because you “liked” something, that it would be used to convey a different message. I started to clue into that a while ago too because it became apparent that just because I “liked” something, it didn’t mean I actually liked something.  I always used it as a way of letting people know that I saw their message and took it into consideration.  What it never meant was that I was in full agreement or something.

So now I am sitting here at my kitchen table typing away like the good old days when people liked to write.  That’s another thing I always hated about Facebook.  It was the lack of reading people did.  I know that’s why memes were so popular.  People’s attention spans are about a few (if that) sentences long so if you had something to say, you say it in a sentence.  More than that then you lose readership.  Get too wordy or aggressive with your post, then you get isolated.

Then there were the Trolls.  Yes, we all know what they are but when someone brought up that those Trolls are actual paid Trolls and not just regular people who have legitimate concerns and thoughts, you started to see the pattern.  Key words would bait them in and suddenly you would find yourself in a match of words and people would get pissed because they would come around and derail any conversation and taunt you like a kid and shit, even I could not resist the urge to get lippy back at times, then I realized I was battle troll bots and that is fucked up.  I mean, funny in a way but truly messed up.

And to use all of this for a political power grab that has caused people to lose their shit.  It’s just beyond reason to me that anyone would want to stay there anymore.  You just got you mind fucked without your consent and you keep going back.

Certainly, I know I am not perfect.  I just want my pics and videos so I can leave and never go back.  I know, in fact, that I will lose some friends because, like I said.  It’s like a drug and people can’t just leave.  They make it easy when all you have to do to “undelete” it is long back in.  It’s like enabling.  You  know the drugs are bad but someone is always there saying “here it is, just take it, you know you want it”.

Anyways.  I will go back there and collect the rest of my friends info so I can keep in touch with them and I just have to just let it all go for my sake, for our sake, for the worlds sake, it feels like.

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