I am just wondering how they actually work. I got a tigers eye dowser and I know I can control the movement with my mind. I can feel something like energy, a tongle on my fingers and a tug in my palm and I know I am not physically moving the crystal. I do it all the time. I hold it and tell it to turn one way and it does. I tell it to stop and it does. I tell it to circle the other way and it does. I tell it to swing one direction, then another and it does.

Skeptically, I am supposed tp believe that I am moving it with my fingers in tiny, none noticeable move,ents so that I am tricking people but I keep doing it and I know this is not true. How does mental energy work? I totally get that energy is flowing down the chain. It’s obvious when I am jittery or anxious because the pendulum shakes, more like vibrates ridiculously. But when I am calm, all I have to do is tell it which way to move and it really seems to take no physical effort on my behalf other than keeping my hand steady. And, I have tried intentionally making the pendulum circle and swing etc, and it takes more effort to move it manually than it does to just tell it what I want.

So I can understand using energy (Obviously) to move things. I just don’t really understand how I am able to direct it. I felt the energy come off it as soon as I took out of the box. It felt like a tug. I really does feel similar to what a tug of a magnet feels like. Personally, I know it sounds stupid to other people who don’t believe in ‘magik’. Actually, I don’t believe in magik either because there is an explanation for everything,

Fingering out how my brain sends messages and/or specific currents to another object is what I want to know. Just for myself. I watched some woman on YouTube who said that the brain send neural impulses or something and the vibrations translate down into the crystals. Does it work like it does on people? People give off ‘vibes’. We all know what I mean by that. Some people are packed with negative energy and others have good vibes and others have anxious ones. Sometimes it feels like it is me giving off the vibes but other times, most of the time, it feels like it’s coming off other people and I pick up on it somehow.

People can say I am wrong and I worry sometimes that I am wrong so I try not to judge but I still can’t escape it. I am rarely, if ever, wrong. I ghost a lot of people for that reason. They make me feel uncomfortable so I stay away. I also seem to be able to call people in my mind. I just get s feeling or something and know that a specific person is going to come back into my life or call or we will have some sort of interaction. Maybe that happens to be a continuous coincidence. I don’t know.

So, how does it work. If I knew, maybe I could figure out how to make it useful. Do those people I see on YouTube who can seem to do incredible things with their minds, be real? I doubt all of them are real but I have seem some that are so good they boggle my mind yet here I am, a boring every day person who just happened to stumble on it. Are our minds really starting to unlock?

Or maybe I am full of shit.

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