No Shortage of Propaganda

Sometimes I wonder what the real tragedy is, that hundreds of our children are being killed by mindless gun violence or that they are being used as political fodder? Obviously something needs to change and currently the one place both sides can agree on is that there is something wrong in peoples minds. There’s no shortage of memes and lies and deceptive truths circulating on social media, everyone having a firm, non negotiable stance on the issue that lead to no improvements, just more death.

Now the idea is to put armed guards in schools. But not just a regular police man, a civil servant but military guards. Maybe that sounds good at first glance but what I see is something much more sinister. It’s already bad enough that we have basically no privacy anymore but putting us under lock down by actual military force seems like the hallmark of the conspiracy theorists fear, that one day we will be living in a county much like those constantly at war like ISIS or something.

I can’t seem to shake the irony of how these people who insist that they are the good guys, who are the ones protecting this country from becoming like the countries they hate are always moving forward to be just like them. I am pretty sure those other countries say the same things to themselves. Here, they just seem blind to it. Maybe their fears are worse than I thought. They wants massive walls, the largest army, military in every school, control of the internet, and more guns circulating. They want to destroy the education system, make higher learning even more unattainable and declare Christianity as the official religion of the US. They want to get rid of welfare, remove all environmental protection and not pay taxes.

In every way that I can see, what America is pushing towards is a full dictatorship with communist ideas even though they don’t see it. They want to get rid of health care, tell children what they can or cannot wear. They want you to respect them even when they are wrong. They don’t want you to protest, the seem to turn a blind eye to hate speech and have a growing crowd of white nationalists ready to torch effigies and declare (erroneously) how it was the white man who did everything.

They call other countries shit holes while our infrastructure is crumbling. They don’t want ‘their’ tax dollars going to support education but have no problem when it comes to weaponizing teachers. They love the idea of pro-active war and war in general but cannot fathom feeding a homeless person here or actually doing anything in support of the ‘less desirable’ citizens and they don’t even take care of our vets.

Social media has become a place for propaganda because the news ensures that they stay on the cycle until they are ready to move on to the next so that way the illusion of a world spiraling out of control is always leading to judgement day. When the news decides to have something good, the same people complain that it’s a waste of the news and people who want real change and care and have emotions are called snowflakes.

And really, the fact that they 2nd grade name calling terms are still being used says a lot about the mental age of the people who use them. It’s really sad that grown people are resorting to name calling like an elementary aged child. Even the president does it.

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