Starting a new project.

A friend of mine said that I should sell my work on zazzle so I looked into it and decided it could be fun but the. Other things came up like I don’t have a website to showcase my photography so I have started down that road and then I started working on designing products but when I got one of my orders I can see the print quality is different than it looks on the site ie the colors are darker than the site makes them seem so I have to rework them. Then I want to create a place to link them and talk about my work and maybe write some short stories about them.

That sort of project is daunting and can feel like a failure before I have really begun but I know people make it happen all the time so I just have to take my time and get it right. So far, I do like the way my photo blog is looking. After trying to figure exactly how the theme was formatted, it became easier to work with although not before I wanted to put my iPad through the wall.

Anyway. That’s what I am up to. Sadly, when it comes to doing work with the purpose of making money, I lose my sense of creativity. Figures. I can imagine what writers with contracts have to go through to produce their work with that hanging over their heads. As for myself, I put the pressure on and I am my own worst enemy and best friend.

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