Fuck the Holidays

I hate Thanksgiving. I feel bitchy obviously because once again, I get to be alone for Turkey Day while people tell others to remember those who cannot be with you but don’t give two shits about their actual neighbors, friends and family that they didn’t care enough to come see (again) so that they can ask why you don’t go see them AS IF it’s me who is being selfish.

Assholes. I will get a couple calls. They’ll make small talk and then tell me all about themselves while I listen and never get a word in and then when I do they say, “I gotta go” because they didn’t call to talk to you, they called out of obligation or to rub it in how great they are and how much love they feel.

Fucking urks me. My husband is gone AGAIN and no one has bothered to invite us over. Nay. It’s not like people don’t know it’s that they don’t actually fucking care.

But what do I care. When I do have my husband home, I do all the cooking just for him because he’s the only one who will eat since my kids won’t and it’s a waste of money and food to cool just because tradition dictates that you have to or you’re a loser.

Meanwhile everything gets closed down so I hope you remembered to buy toilet paper.

While you’re at it, sit around and discuss what you’re going to buy on BFday while simultaneously bitching about the hoards of greedy people being pushy and getting up at 1:00 am just to get the best deal on some crap then complain about how society has really moved away from values and turned Christmas into a commercial holiday filled with material interest, wars on words and hypocrisy that YOU, yourself aren’t because you’re better than the rest while then being upset that you know it’s true.

Anyways. I feel better now.

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