NREM Dreaming? 

So I did a sleep analysis last night and it said that I spent 0 time in REM sleep. 

At first, I looked at it and thought it was broken or there was an error except that the closer I looked, I saw that it wasn’t an error. 

I was tired as usual when I woke up and for some reason I thought that being in a deep sleep for 8 hours would result in quality sleep. 

What’s confuses me is that I do remember dreaming.  

I was standing at the foot of my bed watching myself sleep. The moon light coming through the closed blinds and curtians was too bright which I remember acknowledging in my dream. 

The light was shining on me and I looked peaceful sleeping on my left side. 

What was ususual for me is that when in recognize something isn’t right, I know that I am dreaming.  In this one, I acknowledge it but didn’t seem to care. 

Also, I felt far away like the depth of my room was much longer than it should be or I was really big.  It wasn’t “distorted” looking but it was obviously distorted. 

It also reminds me of having night terrors. I loath those because they arw terrifying but something about the dream was similar except I didn’t feel paralyzed with fear and I didn’t feel like there was an unsean shadow thing watching me because it was me watchinh me. 

Anyways. I thought it was weird that I didn’t have ant REM sleep. I looked it up and I guess they call it Covert REM wher you do dream in deep sleep. 

I wonder how often I do it. 

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