Calm Death

I just watched a video on the news about Asain airlines flight getting ready to crash. 

Anyways. They showed an older man holding someone on his shoulder. 

I don’t know what it was about his calm expression that got me choked up. I don’t think he was even wearing his mask. 

It was the look of a person who accepted his fate and it gave me goosebumps and I tested up a lil’bit. 

That’s the look of a man who, no matter what his life gave him, must have lived a life that was full and maybe happy… the look of a person who had no regrets and made good in life OR he just accepted it. 

Luckily the plane didn’t crash but when my time comes, I hope that that’s how I look too.  

I don’t want regrets it to feel like I didn’t let the people I love so much know enough how much I love them. 

I think that’s the only part of me that is terrified of death… having to let go of the people I love. 

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