Finding peace again

After hiding all the political post through Facebook and getting back to what’s more important, right in front of me, I fell more at ease, protective and present. 

After a few discussions on why etc, to spare the long story, I realized I was an enabler of extreme politics even thought at my core those aren’t the things I believe and I am all the better for putting an end to that and what happened happens around me with our without me, thus, what is present right here and now is the only way to be. 

I got around to washing all the windows today but I am still procrastinating on recaulkinh the shower. Whenever I look at the mildew and mold, I just turn around but I know it needs to get done. 

My husband and I have been planning on tearing it out since we moved in BUT other projects come up and we keep putting that one off. 

I figure that since it’s not going to get done any time soon, I might as well just fix it and clean it up really good so that it is at least usable. 

My kids are off for summer break now too and coming up with things to keep them busy all summer can be a chore itself but I will see what I can come up with to keep it from being too boring the entire time. 

Last night my youngest barfed in her bed at 3:30 and came into my room retching so I made like a cat hitting the water to get her to the toilet before she barfed on me too. 


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