Busy Week

I am exhausted already and it’s only Wednesday. At least I accomplished almost everything on my list except cleaning the bathrooms and mowing the front lawn as well as weeding. 

It’s been a shitty week. It started off last week getting my bank account robbed of 500$, my husband gets a call from the doctor telling him that spot on his head IS cancer (basal cell so it can be taken care of thankfully), Mother’s Day was nothing special (again) and I had an allergic reaction to a new essential oil blend I was really looking forward to. 

It’s not so bad though.  Everything has been or will be taken care of so the combination of physically doing a lot this week with the added mental notes lingering, it’s bound to make a person tired and a little grumpy when also going on little sleep. 

Other than that, I get a little annoyed with the political blaming still going strong. I get it, people are angry and upset and it doesn’t matter which side you’re on. You’ll get a mouthful if I hate you and it’s your fault bullshit. 

Let them vent though.  It’s better they vent on a forum than take it to the streets although it still has a way of making it to the streets especially when these matters aren’t being resolved and the continued feuding will eventually lead to a civil war. 

That’s basically how I see it and although I disdain the current president more than I have ever for anything in my whole life, I try to do my best to stay away from the negative attacks. 

It’s surprising how people are drawn to negativity. I am not immune and I feel angry a lot too but after my period of hyper venting, I got over it because you can’t focus on fixing or changing anything when you’re too angry to think straight. 

Not the best week for me (last seven days) but toss in the menses and viola, you get to be a real downer. 

The rest of the week will probably be better.  That’s the good thing about bad days, better days usually come. 

Speaking of looking on the bright side. I actually made a lotion that works and I will work on perfecting it next time around.  I took the lotion I made a few days ago that ended up like another butter and broke it back down and doubled the original water ratio.  Perfect. 

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