So my new thing is being a DIYer.  A couple days ago I actually made a real lotion that works like a real lotion although I think I can do better. 

I am bummed though. I can’t get anyone to buy the DoTERRA essential oils even though I know they are the best.  Okay, maybe I cannot independently varify that but I love them. 

I am spending entirely too much money funding my addiction so I really don’t know how people do it. 

I made two sales last month and that’s it. I run a Facebook page going over the scents and DIY projects and maybe it’s because I am for real about my trials an when I don’t like one. 

Idk. I really want to pay my husband back. I owe him about 275$ which bothers me since I spent 400$ on myself.  It’s the part about believing I could make that money back. 

I know he doesn’t really care but somehow I do.  Maybe just that part of me that wants to be successful at something that gets to me. 

Maybe the only thing I am sorta good at is being a mom and that’s okay too except then I still think I suck because my DIY game or crafting skills aren’t kid approved, sonto speak. 

I bought a sewing machine and I think I broke it and I was looking forward to trying to help my kids make stuff but now it’s jammed and I don’t know how to fix it. 

I think about trying to fix it again but then I think I might throw it on the ground. 

I tried sculpting and that was fun. I didn’t do too bad but that takes a lot of time. 

I want to make more candle melts but then I will have a massive stock pile since a small batch made more than I thought and for the cost of the oils I used in them… 

What else can I do? Anyways.  Just feeling irritated too because my husbands next job got pushed back and the job he is at now isn’t paying him his regular wages because he’s on someone else’s job just to keep working but his hotel room is costing a small fortune.  I think it would be cheaper for him to just stay home but still, it’s more than unemployment would pay so it is what it is. 

Wish I had friends. Like friend, friends out here but I do fine on my own too. Mostly, I prefer my alone time but it’s still nice to have someone to talk to other than myself but the drama, no thanks. 

Maybe I am also irritated because my face broke out again. Friggin’ PMS. 😂 


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