Doing Nothing

I feel sad sometimes when I think about how much of nothing I have done with my life. 

I always thought I would be someone special, do something great  or travel the world but I rarely ever see outside the state. 

I feel like a waste of effort most of the time. I can’t ever really understand how people get so much money to do all the things they do. 

Are people living off lots of credit?  My husband makes pretty good money but we still only get by. 

If have to save money for when he’s out of work so it’s not expendable cash that we can use to go travel. 

I don’t know though. I feel like I can be an exceptional person in a lot of things but have never really been given a chance. 

He’ll, I cannot even get people to read my blogs. I get to be just a nobody. I don’t even have any friends. 

I haven’t made any real friends yet since we moved here five years ago. Most of the people here just keep to themselves or with their clicks. 

Most of the women here that I have met so far are like zombie wives or soccer moms and the only women that do talk to me are older women. 

I can’t get people to come to my yoga class but I have one who comes that loves the class and that makes me feel really good. 

Ugh. I guess there isn’t really anything wrong. I just get into moods where I wish so bad that I could travel and have an exciting life. Not drama because I hate drama which might explain why I don’t have any friends. 

People here that I have talked to, they love to talk about themselves. It’s fine by me since I don’t really have much to say anyways. 


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