I think it’s the beginning of the end. 

Welp. I cannot think of any scenario in which the madness going on in America and around the world will end peaceably. 

The aggression and lawlessness and ignorance has surpassed the line of no return. 

About 9 years ago in September, I had a vision, an aberration, I think it was real but with something like that, it is hard to be certain. 

Anyway. I had an aberration of an Eagle. It was gigantic like a jumbo jet with star under its wings with each wing having a set of 6-7 stars. 

It flew past me as silent as an ant with just a hint of wind passing. When I saw it, I was frozen in fear and watched like a bowl of jello that was bumped on a table. 

It was hard to hold myself up but I did and I watched it until it disappeared in the sky like it opened up and entered a porthole or something. 

I was all sorts of messed up from it. I couldn’t stop shaking for months and eventually after a couple years or so, I stopped shaking and thinking about it. 

At the time I thought it was imperative to sound the alarm about the events of the future to which I had no idea what was going to happen but only to say and blog that something was going to happen, I went on and on about the “great deceived”, even tried to contact the pope. I insisted that we all stick together if we were going to survive it literally calling for all walks of life, nations, ethnicities, religions, anti-religions etc, to be in love. 

I could never really figure out why of all people, that “gift” was given to me. There was no point to it. 

Looking at it now, 9 years later, I believe it was real. The events have been the exact opposite of everything I tried to convey and today, now, I really do believe we are living at the precipice. 

We have a new president who is indeed by every definition “the great deciever”, everything out of his mouth is deceptive. Everyone seems to hate everyone. The Jesus lovers seem exactly backwards from the belief of love and Jesus. 

Wars seem to be mounting daily, talks of new nuclear weapons is a daily headline although the irritation of the new president seems to generate more. Heck, we even had one of his people make a notified threat to us on tv that damn near made me shit myself but that blew over fast for some reason. 

I am not on speaking terms anymore with my dad because they sent me an absurd meme about what Jesus would say to immigration that went way beyond the memes that I considered light and laughable so my disagreement and shared versus of what the Bible actually says about that really pissed them off and they said I was “spewing venom”. 

I had a dream just before the election about a three headed lamp next to my bed where one of the lamp heads fell off and there was a presence of something in my home that I forbid and told to leave. 

Israel is getting ready to invade Palistine or at least make settlements there and the president is making plans to build a tower in Jaruselem. 

The president actually seems to fit the definition of the anti-Christ even to the effect that his home address is 666 and people are absolutely blind to his deception. 

It’s crazy!  I bought my first gun too.  I have always hated guns. I have always thought they were the cowards way of solving conflict and I don’t actually think it will be useful in the event of invasion from Russia or our own national upheavals and restrictions and invasions but it’s something. 

I am plagued daily with the pace for which the world is shifting in the opposite direction watching everything people have worked for over the years to heal the Earth be usurped in just a couple weeks. 

I went to my first protest too. And there will be more but I don’t know if they are useful now because despite the efforts of millions, I mean MILLIONS of protest around the world, the president just shrugs us off like a begger to a rich man on the street. 

I have made some efforts to prepare for the end but I think it’s moot,’buying time for what?  Perhaps just hoping to buy enough time to make it through invade this isn’t the end and there is still hope that the future can be changed and peace will finally be given a chance. 

I don’t know. Even after all this I have a hard time believing because it breaks my heart that this would be the requirement for gods love? 

Really, It would have been easier for me to believe the Bible of people who pretend to believe it would show that they care and love as deeply as the Jesus did but they don’t. That’s all I ever needed to know but they transgress so far that my renewed belief comes from the devil. Not that I “believe” in the devil or anything but that the transgressions are spot on and since the devil seems real, not in a supernatural sense, then maybe there really is a messiah.  

I haven’t seen any proof of one existing or in the future coming to exist but maybe that’s were we take leaps of faith and even with the slightest of hope in it, it will happen. 

I don’t know. Church people did a pretty good job of telling me I was possessed by the devil when I told them about what I saw and did a fine job of coming between my once deeply held and personal belief and “relationship” with god, that ultimately, I have been left leaning agnostic despite having seen what I have seen. 

It’s the old irony but I can hang on to the eagle and that “gift” of hope while I watch in horror as the world deteriorates. 

There was one glimmer in the last week. The CPM, Trudeau.  The way the president of here looked when next to him, he seemed strangely uncomfortable which makes me think that Trudeau will be someone to keep an eye on. 

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