Try Not To Fear

I tell you. I am exhausted. Every day since 45s election has taken the world in a negative direction and it’s very draining to see a dictator, and I can’t sugar coat that, take over. 

I always wondered how it happens and they find one opening, one weakness in the system and find their way in.  From there, because of the nature of an actual dictator, they move quickly to destroy democracy and build alliances with  enemies. 

I am sad.  I am scared. I am angry.  I wanted to start the year new, to look forward to good things but unfortunately, if I ignored what’s going on, there may not be days where I can pass the time in relative ease and peace. 

I am so angry that the process the world has made towards peace is once again being usurped by people who are just so hungry for power and money and feeding on the ignorance and submissiveness of people. 

To know that your voice is being ignored, “we” the governing body of America are being blatantly ignored. 

I keep praying that there will be intervention. I now understand why America has intervened in other counties when democracy is threaten by their own dictators. 

Who’s going to help us? I feel like weee seriously fucked. Yes! Corruption happened in the WH before this massive fuck up but none were dictators. 

I hated corruption and so I didn’t vote for either of the two candidates because I am a morally conscious person and the choices were bad and incredibly bad. There was no way I could foresee either bringing good to us.

Even though Hillary won, my feeling was that civil war would break out because the Right was growing increasingly aggressive and too many minorities have already been suffering at their hands. They go out and just kill people for “wearing a funny hat.” 

And when it came to Russia, I think the outcome would have been also disastrous and my fear was the idea that nukes could get used. 

But now, we are still in the same sinking ship. I am listening to people I thought were my friends gloat at the destruction of billions of people. 

It’s unsettling. It was unsettling in 2011 when Bin Lade was killed and America cheered.  The thirst for blood made me sick. And Hillary, when she said what she did about it, I didn’t think it was funny. 

I mean, I can find relief from knowing there was one less terrorist to worry about but I didn’t find his death to be exhilarating. Death is still death. 

And here we are, we have a dictator now and he wants to kill a lot more than terrorist and frankly, I am not sure he actually does. 

He says things like “I know more about them than the CIA.”  I have this suspicion that he’s with them and so is Russia. That they and all the other oligarchs deploy them to shepherd people into submission. 

It’s insane, I know! But what other conclusion can I draw?  He banned “terrorist” from counties were no terrorist came from but not the ones where they did. 

He like Putin and gives him credit for being a killer not to mention congratulating the Philippines president for his 70k slaughtering of people for his “drug war” and then pissinb Iran off for doing what all counties do testing missiles, and we were closer to having better relations with them. 

He absolutely delusional too and they’re hijacking the government. They’ve put a target on us and made so many things so much worse and it feels like there is nothing that can be done even though I know someone can. 

Democrats aren’t going to do anything. Its not like they’ll brawl. Anyone who disagrees gets fired. Wtf!! So they’ll just go along to hold on to their jobs like they’ll have a job left before his term is over. 

They’re fucking stupid and leading us to death row. It’s hard to be happy or ignorant knowing that even the people who are still supporting him will soon be led to the slaughtering unless he assigns them duties to kill us. 

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