Women’s March 2017

Women’s March 2017

Leaving signs at White House

What an historical site to to see an estimated 3 million people come together in solidarity for all the right reasons. 

There were so many reasons not just women’s equality that prompted this event although the incoming presidents remarks about women are what sparked it. For any women to be in agreement with it being okay for any man to “grab her by the pussy” just because he can, well…it speaks volumes to their own positions and what they consider acceptable. 

I, for one, am not okay with anyone, man or woman, just grabbing any part of my body to do anything to it without my consent and allowing anyone who is not me to dictate what I do to or with my body. 

It’s insane that in 2017 (excuse the cliche’) that woman are still being treated as subjects instead of human being. 

But sooo many reasons so many people bonded together againsts the new president: for equality, for women’s rights, for love, for marriage choice, freedom OF and FROM religion, from fascism, from bigotry, from racism, for education, for science, from war, for peace, from oil, for a clean Earth, for the poor…

And yet, as my husband puts it, it still won’t do anything. Perhaps he may be right. For millions of people in the US alone (this number doesn’t include the Marches around the world of people who are with us for our sake and their own) and the new administration to not acknowledge that most people do NOT like him or want him as president not here or around the world but for it to serve just a handful of elites, dictators, and religious zealots means that not only his loyalty lie with himself and his circle but that he has never had any intention of listening to the actual government body of the American government while proclaiming during is inaugural address that he would be giving the country back to the people but also that he is a tyrant and mad with power. And when I say mad with power, it’s actually literal. 

He spends so much time getting angry with the citizens who hate him, more or less, and calling us his enemies and liars and insulting anyone who has a dissenting opinion of him. He is in every way a dangerous person who has to be removed. 

But for some reason, which reason cannot explain without vehemently insulting the intellectual constitution of the minds that put him in that seat or the moral emptiness or the loose ethics, he is still there. 

My hope is the days to follow is that he and all his cabinet are removed. The seeds they have sown around the world are like weeds that no one wants but have a hard time getting rid of. 

It brings me back to the mindset of prophecy. Although self fulfilling in every way, the idea lives on that destruction is the path that leads people to god. 

The irony of course is that there are no scenarios in which zealots of destruction win in the end. Life is always about change and choice whether from the religious mindset or the act of living in itself to which a “loving god” would say thank you for killing all these people, destroying your home, putting hate between you, making like a living hell and doing it all in my name and for me. 

No. They do all these things for themselves with the belief that God will scoop them up and give them everlasting life in paradise while they watch all the people who sought peace, love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and all that is good, burn on Earth and in the Hell below. 

Nay. If their god does exist, it is more akin to the Devil than a living god but they wouldn’t understand the difference because they feel love for this abomination or whatever it be. 

But back to the Women’s March and the unity I see around the world. Is it enough?  I doubt that things will change in the short term however, it is humbling to know that there are more right minded and good people in the world then there are bad. 

While the novelty has ended in the meantime, just knowing that there is an “army” of that magnitude willing for what is good gives me some sentiments of peace and that hope is still alive and in the event that the worst comes to fruition, there are more of us then there are of them. 

That said: “be excellent to each other”, let there be no need to fight and find peace in yourself and love yourself because we cannot change those around us but we can change ourselves. 

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