President Obama

Today I feel a little sad.  However unpopular the thought is about Obama, I really do like him and do wish he could remain the president. 

I know the term limits and the reasons for such and I agree with them but I will miss him. 

He’s inspired me in many ways. I can take criticism better then before.  I can stand true to my own convictions and remain loyal to what it means to be a compassionate human and have decency and a good moral foundation that is inclusive and although not all throngs he has done we’re in agreement with myself, what’s true about him is that he never pretended to have all the answers or that everything he did was the right thing.  I respect that tremendously. 

Yet, what I respect most about him is his human kindness, decency and a genuine love. Not a fake love or fake desire for peace, I believe without doubt that he genuinely cared about all people and so to see him go and in his place, someone who is the exact opposite of him who I loath and cannot even look at without feel somewhat disgusted by every manor of him, I feel abandoned.  

I feel like the one person who kept it together the last eight years is leaving us behind now. And I know he has to move on now because that’s how it is and I have to accept that, and I do but I don’t want to see him go. 

His transperant government opened a whole can of worms that unleashed a craziness that I didn’t believe could happen here and even though there are some things that we shouldn’t know with just cause, I believe that what he showed us is more than transactions in the government, he showed us ourselves and now we are a country divided. 

That is not his fault, it’s the faults in us and where our morals are that have divided us and the fallout of justice and injustice is now leaning on injustice and justice is struggling to stay so. 

I don’t know what the days will have in store for us and I am worried about it even thought I try not to only because there isn’t much I can do. 

The incoming one has some so blinded by something that reason, love, morals… they can do nothing to convince them that even though they believe they have won, it was never something to be won. We are people, not property and President Obama saw us as people and equals the other ones sees us as his enemies and liars and cheats and lazy and worthless and ugly. 

How this can be, I may not ever understand but for future reference, when Obama speaks to us publically, I will listen to him over the other president because I cannot follow someone who has no compassion for life or moral compass. 

Perhaps in the years to come, we will have an even better president that Obama but until that time, President Obama is still my president. 

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