Because she grew tired of fake things looking real. ~Sandra UnfakeBy Sandra Rinck5-24-20

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Mad World

I read this morning about some well known (but not to me) investor who called Millennial investors 'dumb' because they are paying too much for stocks and causing these stocks to be overvalued which I think is code for, "they are making me pay more more and lose more" on accounts of them turning the... Continue Reading →

Lucky or Unlucky

The last few days have been interesting. You all have heard the saying of bad things happening in 3s. This is me lately. pic source First my computer decided it didn't want to work anymore so I spent a long time on the phone with tech and then ultimately had to bring it in to... Continue Reading →

Life Update

I took a while off from Karate... technically I think it's Kung Fu because it's Chinese martial arts but they call it Karate so I say Karate and recently went back because I missed it and I felt like it was finally time. Some things never change but a lot has changed. Whatever the ups... Continue Reading →

It Wants To Be Written

Out on my walk earlier I started to think about how trivial life is. I thought to myself, "I feel like my life is a pattern of fulfilling empty purposes". And it really does feel that way. I can't think of any reason that we exist to begin with. So what IF life was just... Continue Reading →

I Quit Music

I went through a little burst of musical creativity a couple weeks ago. Like usual, I thought I did something great but no one cared. This is how it seems to go so I quit music for good. For SOME stupid reason I always wanted to be a song writer and secretly a spy but... Continue Reading →

Lapis of Alchemy

Alchemy is a world of hidden treasures and although most of what others have heard or believed about Alchemist and science, much of it is irrelevant to the soul and the soul or the 'thing' that makes life better is the essence of alchemy; the aether of life, the fire of redemption, the purification of... Continue Reading →

The Cosmos

My body IS my astral body.My body lives on EarthEarth lives in the Cosmos I live in the CosmosIt’s closer to me than the EarthThe cosmos is in me My mind descends into the astral planeI live inside my bodyMy body is my shelter I am a blue flame that never burnsMy light made manifest... Continue Reading →


soundcloud.com/sandra-rinck/walk-1 It's hard to get people to listen to your music BUT whatever right? I just like to write because I never know what I am going to do next. What's upsetting is that I cannot even get my friends or family to listen. It makes me wonder if I am one of those people... Continue Reading →

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